5 fastest motorcycles in GTA Online

GTA players like to live dangerously on the road (Image via Rockstar Games Social Club)
GTA players like to live dangerously on the road (Image via Rockstar Games Social Club)

With a full tank and throttle, GTA players can turn the entire road into their personal heaven with a fast motorcycle.

With a need for speed, GTA players can take to the streets with a motorcycle. This type of vehicle is present in the vast majority of GTA titles, with the notable exceptions of GTA 2, GTA 3, and GTA Advance. Ever since Vice City, players can now perform a drive-by to shoot down their enemies.

Players are willing to take the deadly risks of head-on collisions since they are rewarded with better maneuvering in tight situations. There is nothing like the thrill of a fast-speed motorcycle going down the highway to hell. For research purposes, Broughy1322 accurately tests the actual top speed of each motorcycle.


Five of the fastest motorcycles in GTA Online according to a top speed

5) Bati 801

Bati 801 (Image via GTA Wiki)
Bati 801 (Image via GTA Wiki)

One of the cheapest bikes in the entire game, the Bati 801 only costs an affordable $15,000. Even the newest GTA Online players can get their hands on it after a few missions. The Bati 801 has a top speed of 135.5 mph, according to research done by Broughy1322. It's available in the base game for GTA 5 and Online.

Players should proceed with caution when using the Bati 801, especially when it reaches top speed. The slightest bump could send players crashing to their deaths. As a result, they should keep an eye out for bumpy roads. Thankfully, this bike has great acceleration.

Like every motorcycle with a good top speed, these can only be fully achieved with modifications via a local shop. Otherwise, the base speed may end up being lower than what it could potentially accomplish. This goes for every vehicle in GTA 5 and its online counterpart.

4) BF400

BF400 (Image via GTA Wiki)
BF400 (Image via GTA Wiki)

The BF400 is a classic sports bike available in San Andreas and GTA Online (in the Cunning Stunts update). It has a top speed of 137 mph and only costs $95,000. Most early-game GTA Online players should be able to purchase this relatively affordable motorcycle. It has its uses for dangerous ramp jumps.

One of the biggest strengths of the BF400 is the suspension. It can bounce off random objects like ramps and not forcefully eject the player upon landing. This is the perfect dirt bike for off-road shenanigans, such as stunt jumps. To make use of the top speed, players must upgrade the vehicle to its full potential.

3) Manchez Scout

Manchez Scout (Image via GTA Wiki)
Manchez Scout (Image via GTA Wiki)

Recently introduced in the Cayo Perico heist update, the Manchez Scout is a military-based motorbike with excellent off-road capabilities. With a top speed of 139.75 mph, it's barely behind the Oppressor at 140 mph. In addition, the Manchez Scout costs $225,000, which makes it considerably affordable compared to other vehicles in its class.

Players should consider using it in dirt bike races with rugged terrain since it's perfectly suited for those environmental conditions. It also has a regular non-military counterpart known as the Manchez.

2) Oppressor

Oppressor (Image via GTA Wiki)
Oppressor (Image via GTA Wiki)

The Oppressor was part of the Gunrunning update back in 2017. It's a highly versatile motorcycle with a top speed of 140 mph, making it the second-fastest in its class. Players can purchase it for $3,524,500. What makes the Oppressor dangerous is the wide range of devastating abilities and attacks.

Oppressors can use rocket boosters for extra speed during flight. It also has wings that allow it to stay in the air. Before the arrival of the meta-defining Oppressor MKII, its predecessor was a constant threat in GTA Online player lobbies.

The bike can use machine guns and rocket launchers, which are mainly effective on grounded vehicles. However, players might have a more difficult time hitting aerial opponents without the lock-on targeting.

1) Apocalypse Deathbike

Apocalypse Deathbike (Image via GTA Wiki)
Apocalypse Deathbike (Image via GTA Wiki)

Created by the Western Motorcycle Company, this apocalyptic bike was featured in the Arena War Update. Deathbike has the fastest top speed in GTA Online, with a record of 150 mph. It's slightly higher than the 140 mph of the ZR380, the fastest sports car in GTA Online. It costs $1,269,000 in total.

A player can use the Arena Workshop to modify the Deathbike with dangerous weaponry. They can add body spikes, spinning blades, and mounted miniguns to devastate their enemy targets. However, players should be mindful not to crash into objects while the blades are in use.

Like every other motorcycle, the Deathbike sacrifices its size for better movement range. It doesn't even have to reach the top speed of 150 mph to make full use of its capabilities. Deathbikes can get in and out of situations very quickly.

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