5 most memorable characters GTA Liberty City Stories

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GTA Liberty City Stories had to introduce some much-needed characterization to the characters of Liberty City.

GTA III was a great game for its time, but one of its more notable flaws is the lack of characterization. The characters are relatively flat, which means they aren't particularly memorable.

Considering GTA Liberty City Stories is a prequel to GTA III, it's quite impressive that it could take such a dry cast and make them more memorable. Of course, not all characters are written well, but fans like to think about the unique characters.

This list focuses on the actions of these unique characters in GTA Liberty City Stories. Even if GTA III is rather primitive in its characterization, some key events showcase their character. However, that isn't relevant to a discussion of GTA Liberty City Stories' characterization.

Five of the most memorable characters in GTA Liberty City Stories

#5 - Giovanni Casa

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

Giovanni Casa is as memorable as a minor character could be. He only shows up on two missions, but fans can easily remember his GTA Liberty City Stories role. He runs a famous Italian deli in Liberty City, often paying protection money to the Leone Crime Family. Naturally, this leads to Toni Cipriani often having amusing arguments with Ma Cipriani about Giovanni Casa's character.

Of course, it isn't just amusing conversations about the character that make him memorable. Any character caught wearing a diaper is hard to forget, especially when they're as big as Giovanni Casa. I

t's quite the sight for a person like him, but it's not even as memorable as the way he dies. Being ground and turned into deli meat and sold back to one's own deli shop is the ultimate power play by Toni Cipriani.

#4 - Joseph Daniel O'Toole

Image via Cyberspace and Time
Image via Cyberspace and Time

Joseph Daniel O'Toole is one of the more memorable characters in GTA Liberty City Stories, although some players would argue that it's for the wrong reasons. These players find him annoying, especially since he might've been a pedophile (and was even raped in prison because of that perception). That alone makes it hard to find him likable, but it does make him memorable.

Aside from his questionable behavior, the sight of him in a gimp suit is also tough to forget. While the gimp suit isn't as embarrassing as a diaper suit, it's hardly endearing on O'Toole. His death scene is also reminiscent of Tommy DeSimone's death in Goodfellas, which is quite the death scene's masterpiece.

#3 - Donald Love

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Donald Love isn't a likable character, but his actions are still memorable within GTA Liberty City Stories. It's difficult for people to forget about cannibals, but it's even harder when Donald Love is acting on his plane with his former mentor's body. It's a disgusting act, but it helps Love stand out from numerous other GTA series mission-givers.

He is also loosely based on Donald Trump, although it's more on his early political failings (like Trump in 2000) and his hairstyle than his personality. Love becoming bankrupt is fitting for a character like him, especially since he leaves Liberty City for a short while before returning to GTA III

#2 - Toshiko Kasen

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Bittersweet moments often leave lasting legacies on a person. GTA Liberty City Stories players should remember the scene where Toshiko Kasen releases her canary to fly away (and not be in captivity like she felt) moments before committing suicide. Kasen is the only 3D Universe character who can only commit suicide (NPCs killing themselves in stupid ways in missions doesn't count).

She doesn't like the idea that she's a trophy wife to Kazuki, an important Yakuza figure. Throughout the GTA Liberty City Stories, she has Toni Cipriani humiliate her husband's standing within the Yakuza, even going as far as to have Kazuki killed.

Her depression and willingness to be free are highly memorable, even if it is sad seeing her perish. Even her design is unique, as she sticks out in the world of Liberty City with her kimono.

#1 - Toni Cipriani

Image via Marmaker (DeviantArt)
Image via Marmaker (DeviantArt)

Main protagonists are fortunate to have the most screentime out of any character within their games. Unlike Claude in GTA III, Toni Cipriani is a highly memorable protagonist reminiscent of Tommy Vercetti, a great praise a character could get. Cipriani is entertaining in his antics throughout GTA Liberty City Stories. He can be extremely violent (doing something like selling Giovanni's meat to his own deli is a brutal action), so he's perfectly capable of doing the actions GTA players love in GTA Liberty City Stories.

As previously mentioned, his banter with his mother is also memorable, if not cute at times. His relationship with his mother also extends to his beliefs about parents in general. He's disgusted when he sees Vincenzo Cilli receiving oral sex from a prostitute while speaking to his mother. Unlike Claude, Cipriani is loyal in GTA Liberty City Stories, which helps juxtapose the two 3D Universe Liberty City games.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the writer's opinions.

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