5 reasons why Michael deserves to be in GTA Online's next DLC

Rockstar Games should consider including Michael in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rockstar Games should consider including Michael in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The upcoming GTA Online DLC update is highly anticipated, and rumors suggest that Michael De Santa from Story Mode will make his multiplayer debut with the release. While Rockstar Games has not confirmed the rumors, data miners have discovered game files indicating his imminent appearance.

Only time will tell whether Michael will appear in GTA Online. The community, on the other hand, is eagerly awaiting the character's inclusion in the multiplayer title. This article explains why Michael De Santa from Story Mode should be in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

5 reasons why Michael should be in the next DLC for GTA Online

1) The only remaining protagonist to make an appearance


Michael De Santa is the sole survivor of the original trio who has yet to make his GTA Online debut. Trevor Philips was added to the game with the Heists update in 2015, according to Wikipedia. Franklin Clinton made his debut with The Contract DLC on December 15, 2021, and fans are now rooting for Michael's entry.

Both of the other characters added new elements and gameplay features to the game. To round out the trio, players want Michael to bring his charisma to Grand Theft Auto Online.

2) Man of standards and class


Despite being a ruthless murderer and criminal, Michael De Santa is a man of integrity and class. Regardless of what he does in life, he always strives for classiness. His dialog in GTA 5 below explains a lot about the character.

β€œMy life may be a world of pain, but from here on out it's gonna be cool, comfortable, air-conditioned pain.”

The developers should consider incorporating his personality into the multiplayer game. His presence and missions will add a new dimension, and players will be able to use him as an idol to advance their criminal empires.

3) Can provide good payouts for his jobs


While most missions and jobs in GTA Online are low-paying, Michael has the potential to change that by offering high-paying jobs in the game.

Michael is unquestionably the wealthiest of the protagonists and one of the wealthiest men in Los Santos. Despite the fact that his current location is unknown, he was wealthy during the events of GTA 5.

He has the means to pay large sums because he receives a sizable sum of free money from the FIB for participating in their witness protection program. As a result, players anticipate higher payouts from him.

4) Action-packed missions


Despite the fact that Michael, according to the story, retired around 2004, his activities in Los Santos are always action-packed and exciting. Michael always brings extreme missions to the game, whether it's robbing banks and stores or playing dead inside a morgue.

This factor could also be used by GTA Online to provide players with some of the most thrilling and action-packed missions. Although such missions already exist in the game, the majority of them necessitate futuristic or unrealistic approaches. Michael always sticks to the basics, and Rockstar can deliver classic action-packed missions free of unrealistic manifestations.

5) Good mentor


MIn Grand Theft Auto 5, Michael is an excellent mentor. His traits and abilities have had a significant impact on his coworkers and the people around him, forcing them to up their game. He was a staunch supporter of Franklin's career advancement, and Franklin regarded Michael as his best mentor.

While GTA Online is notorious for not providing any assistance to new players, game developers can change that perception by introducing Michael as a mentor for new players and a job provider for experienced players.

With such high caliber and potential, Rockstar Games should strongly consider including Michael in the rumored upcoming DLC update.

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