5 things to own in GTA Online when starting the game in 2024

Some essential things everyone should own in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Some essential things everyone should own in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

2023 has been a good year for GTA Online and its players. Rockstar Games rolled out tons of new content and the latest Chop Shop DLC was surprisingly good. However, now that the year is over, fans might want to know about some essential things they should own when starting the game in 2024. While veterans have almost everything set up, newbies might find themselves in a tricky situation.

Since the game has tons of businesses, weapons, and vehicles, new players need to keep an eye on their funds so that they don't run out of cash. This article aims to help players out by listing five important things that everyone should purchase when starting the game in the new year.

Note: The article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

5 important things that players should purchase in GTA Online

1) Nightclub


Nightclubs are one of the best businesses in GTA Online. Not only do they generate a good amount of money, but they also allow players to relax and obtain the passive income generated by the property. However, they will first need to spend at least $1.08 million to start the business.

As mentioned, the returns on this business are quite good and one can generate around $50,000 every 48 in-game minutes, which is quite good for beginners. They can make even more money after upgrading the property, which can be done later.

2) Akula


Everyone needs to have at least one good helicopter in GTA Online and Akula is as good as these flying beasts come. While the price might be intimidating for some players, its features and power are worth every single penny.

This flying fortress will cost you a whopping $4,500,000 but, it can both dish out and endure damage. Players can use its 157.25 mph (253.07 km/h) top speed to chase targets or flee undesirable situations using Stealth Mode, which makes the helicopter invisible on the map.

3) Pegassi Toreador


GTA Online can be a tough place due to griefers riding Oppressor MK II and taking out everyone with their Homing Missiles. To counter this pesky flying menace, players should purchase the Pegassi Toreador.

While this vehicle might seem costly, its features and usage make it worth the money. One will need to save $4,250,000 to purchase this car from the Warstock Cache & Carry store. However, this armored weaponized Sports Classic is capable of reaching a top speed of 135.25 mph (217.66 km/h).

Moreover, it can go underwater using its submersible ability and fire unlimited missiles to barrage the enemy and overpower them with sheer firepower. The quick recharge Rocket Boosts also allow the vehicle to accelerate quickly.

4) Western Powersurge


Players looking to add a motorcycle to their garage should take a moment to appreciate the Western Powersurge. This electric motorcycle has insane acceleration that will help race enthusiasts in the game stay ahead of everyone else.

It also only costs $1,605,000 which is pretty cheap for what it offers. Powersurge is a vehicle that can reach a top speed of 130.00 mph (209.21 km/h) with ease, making it a perfect getaway vehicle as well as an ideal candidate for roaming around Los Santos. The Western Powersurge is based on the real-life 2019 Harley-Davidson LiveWire.

5) Up-n-Atomizer


The Up-n-Atomizer is not your run-of-the-mill weapon in GTA Online. Although it cannot take out enemies in one hit, players generally use this gun for other purposes. The best usage of the Up-n-Atomizer is to get your vehicle out of tricky situations.

There are plenty of times when a vehicle gets stuck in a weird place with no way to get it unstuck. Well, you can shoot it with this weapon to send it flying and out of the tricky location. It only costs $399,000 and players can purchase it either from the Agency's armory or from the Gun Van.

Hopefully, Rockstar Games might add several new things to the online multiplayer this year. However, fans are more curious about the GTA 6 story length and what content will it have.

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