7 best helicopters in GTA Online in 2023, ranked

7 best helicopters in GTA Online in 2023, ranked
Picking the fastest helicopter is very important while doing missions in GTA Online (Image via Sportskeeda)

Helicopters in GTA Online are one of the most reliable sources of transportation. Many of these can rain death upon their enemies, and this is the biggest reason why a big part of the community always has one or the other helicopter prepped and ready in their garage for any emergency that might arise in Los Santos. However, with various aerial vehicles available in the game, it can get a little confusing to pick out the best among them, especially considering the cost of purchasing a helicopter.

To help everyone, this article lists seven of the best helicopters in GTA Online that have incredible top speed and overall good stats in the game.

Ranking the seven best helicopters in GTA Online according to their top speed

7) Nagasaki Havok


Rockstar Games added the Havoc to the online multiplayer with the Smuggler's Run update in 2017. This single-seater helicopter is capable of flying at 154.25 mph (248.24 km/h) because of its small size and lightweight.

Although it falls low on the durability scale, the speed and maneuverability of this Heli-Sport CH-7-inspired helicopter make it a great option for traveling across the city. Players will need to spend $2,300,900 to get this vehicle. However, the next-gen console users can obtain it as a Career Progress Reward after completing Tier 4 in the Smuggler's Run.

6) Buckingham Swift


The Buckingham Swift helicopter became a part of Grand Theft Auto Online with the SA Flight School update in 2014. This four-seater is not only a good-looking vehicle in the game but also capable of reaching a top speed of 156.50 mph (251.86 km/h).

It has good acceleration and handling, making it worth the $1,500,000 price tag. However, gamers will need to be wary of Homing Missiles and other explosives as it has low defense compared to other helicopters. The Buckingham Swift is based on the real-life AgustaWestland AW109 and Bell 222.

5) Akula


Akula is one of the most expensive vehicles in GTA Online, coming at a whopping $4,500,000. But the price tag also has several benefits, like a top speed of 157.25 mph (253.07 km/h) and excellent defensive capabilities.

Added to the online multiplayer in 2017 with the Doomsday Heist update, this helicopter has a Stealth Mode, making it a great option to travel across Los Santos without worrying about griefers. This fast aerial vehicle also surprisingly has decent durability as it can tank three Homing Missiles.

4) Buckingham Swift Deluxe


Although the Buckingham Swift Deluxe has no special modes that turn it invisible or loads of armor that make it invincible, this helicopter has enough speed to outrun most of the vehicles in the game.

Capable of achieving a top speed of 157.75 mph (253.87 km/h), it also comes at a huge price tag of $5,150,000 and is an upgraded version of the Swift. However, its speed and maneuverability are much better than its base version. So, gamers who have some extra cash lying around can opt for this helicopter.

3) Buckingham Conada


The Buckingham Conada is a relatively new helicopter added to GTA Online with the Criminal Enterprises update in 2022. It can fly at a top speed of 158.75 mph (255.48 km/h) and has excellent acceleration and handling.

Gamers interested in this helicopter will need to spend $2,450,000 to add this vehicle to their hangar. This four-seater aerial vehicle is based on the real-life MD Helicopters MD Explorer, giving it a great look. Since this helicopter lacks durability, players must use its speed to escape tricky situations.

2) Buckingham Volatus


The Buckingham Volatus is more a status symbol in GTA Online than anything else. However, it has the looks that complement the lifestyle of a CEO. So, if a player wishes to travel in style, they can spend $2,295,000 to make this helicopter theirs.

Apart from its gorgeous looks, the Buckingham Volatus is also capable of reaching a top speed of 161.25 mph (259.51 km/h), which makes it capable of outflying most of the vehicles in GTA Online. Its design is based on the real-life Airbus Helicopter H160, which is a unique chopper in itself.

1) Sparrow


Sparrow is one of the best helicopters to complete the heists in GTA Online. To purchase this vehicle, gamers will first need to get the submarine required to take part in the Cayo Perico Heist. It is capable of reaching a top speed of 168.75 mph (271.58 km/h), making it quick and effective for almost every situation.

The helicopter can be purchased for a price of $1,815,000, which is quite suitable for the speed and maneuverability that it offers. Fans of the series might also remember seeing Sparrow flying across the skies of GTA Vice City and San Andreas.

So, these were the seven best helicopters that the players can purchase in the game. Fans also hope to see more amazing helicopters in the GTA 6.

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