Top 5 GTA Online vehicles able to compete with Oppressor MKII

Top 5 GTA Online vehicles able to compete with Oppressor MKII
Oppressor MKII can be very annoying in GTA Online but it has some good counters. (Image via GTA Fandom)

GTA Online can get a little difficult for beginners as well as veterans when griefers get hold of the Oppressor MKII. This unfairly powerful flying motorcycle is a headache for most of the Grand Theft Auto Online community. It is the ideal choice of vehicle for toxic players who wish to ruin other's experiences. But there are some ways to counter the Oppressor.

While gamers always have the choice to force an Oppressor MKII rider to enter a tunnel, they can also switch to some specific vehicles to become a sponge that soaks up all the MKII missiles. On the other hand, a fast car will also help to shake off the flying motorcycle.

As that will be a tough find and a strenuous task, this article ranks the top five vehicles in GTA Online that can stand firmly against the Oppressor.

Top five vehicles in GTA Online that will render an Oppressor MKII useless

5) Bravado Half-track


If someone wants to not only compete against Oppressor MKII but also wreak havoc across Los Santos, then the Bravado Half-track is the perfect vehicle for this task.

Based on the real-life Dunloader and M3 Half-track, this armored weaponized vehicle can dish out plenty of damage while also being able to soak up a lot. Although it can only achieve a top speed of 58.25 mph (93.74 km/h), the defensive capabilities of the Half-track negates that drawback.

It will take 27 Oppressor missiles to take down this armored fortress, making it a great opponent for the flying menace. Players will need to spend a whopping $2,254,350 to own this vehicle.

4) Benefactor Terrorbyte


The Benefactor Terrorbyte is another weaponized vehicle in GTA Online that is almost a perfect counter to the motorcycle as it has an array of weapons and armor.

This truck comes at a price tag of $1,375,000 and has a variety of functions that include launching missions and customizing the MKII. It also has various turrets and drones that can target multiple enemies, making it a great pick in GTA Online lobbies that are lucrative for griefers.

Since it is an armored weaponized vehicle, it can only reach a top speed of 87.25 mph (140.41 km/h). But, it can also soak 34 Oppressor missiles, making it worth its price.

3) HVY Nightshark


Although the HVY Nightshark can only take 27 Oppressor missiles before blowing up, this armored vehicle has enough speed to reach the third spot on the list. It is not only fast but has decent handling, making it a great counter for MKII.

The HVY Nightshark comes at a price tag of $1,245,000, and it is worth each penny. It can reach a top speed of 104.75 mph (168.58 km/h), making it one of the fastest armored vehicles in GTA Online. Along with withstanding missiles, it is also great against other explosives.

One trick to destroy a chasing oppressor is to ride around in Nightshark and use a flare gun the moment it locks onto the vehicle. This will divert the oncoming missiles, allowing the players to use a sticky bomb to take it down.

2) Mammoth Avenger


While airplanes and helicopters can counter the Oppressor MKII, it is much more agile than them. That is where the Mammoth Avenger comes in. This flying fortress can dish out insane damage while taking on 23 Oppressor missiles. This makes it one of the best airplanes in GTA Online.

Although this behemoth comes at a price tag of $3,450,000, players might want to invest in this aerial vehicle due to its various weaponry and the stealth mode. This mode allows the Avenger to disappear from the mini-map, allowing it to approach an unsuspecting target and unleash a barrage of bullets and missiles.

Since Mammoth Avenger is not one of the vehicles on the GTA Online Halloween vehicles sale, gamers struggling with money will need to wait for other events for a discounted price.

1) Pegassi Toreador


A lot of players might be surprised to find the Pegassi Toreador at the top of the list. But there are some good reasons for this car/submarine to be in the first place.

Although it can only take on six Oppressor missiles and comes at a price tag of $4,250,000, Toreador's infinite amount of missiles makes it a great counter for the MKII. It also comes with a rechargeable rocket booster that allows it to accelerate rapidly and escape the missiles.

Toreador can reach a top speed of 135.25 mph (217.66 km/h), making it one of the fastest sports classic cars in GTA Online. With this speed and the ability to go underwater, players can easily take out griefers riding the pesky Oppressors.

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