5 best businesses in GTA Online after The Chop Shop DLC, ranked

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GTA Online has lots of business for generating a steady income (Image via Rockstar Games)

Survival in GTA Online depends on a player's wealth. Cash holds significant importance in the game because it is required to purchase almost everything, including weapons, ammunition, vehicles, and properties. While completing missions and robbing stores will earn the players some decent cash, setting up a business is highly recommended if they want a steady flow of income.

However, with all the various options available in the game, it can get a little confusing to pick one and invest the money to start and set it up. This can be especially difficult for beginners who have limited funds.

Well, this article lists the five best businesses in GTA Online that will ensure a good amount of income for the players.

Disclaimer: The article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

Top 5 businesses that GTA Online players should set up

5) Salvage Yard


Salvage Yard is the latest business added to the game with the GTA Online Chop Shop update. While it might not be the most lucrative option, it has interesting missions, and the Tow Truck tasks make it worth the struggle.

Players will need to select a location for the Salvage Yard and spend between $1,620,000 to $2,690,000 to set it up. Afterward, the additional money can be used for further upgrades like adding tint and staff. Once the setup is complete, it is time to start completing the vehicle robbery missions. However, they have a one-week cool-down after players complete all three missions.

On top of the mini-heists, players can also use the Tow Truck to get vehicles and scrap them off for parts that can be sold to gain money. Players can obtain around $30,000 from each towed vehicle.

4) Agency


The Agency is a multipurpose business in GTA Online that not only offers missions but is also a great place to replenish ammunition, repair vehicles, and take on VIP tasks. On top of that, the Agency also offers the Imani Tech upgrades that are pretty useful in the harsh lobbies of online multiplayer.

Players must spend anywhere from $2,010,000 to $2,830,000 to set up this business. After this, they can invest more money in upgrades that will open up different parts of the property that are otherwise locked.

The Agency offers several contracts ranging from Franklin's Payphone Hit missions ($1.6 million reward) to Dr. Dre's VIP contract ($1 million reward). The benefits the business offers make it worth the money.

3) Auto Shop


Auto Shop is another great GTA Online business suitable for solo players. It is easy to set up, and the missions are straightforward. As the name suggests, this business requires the players to drive the client's car to the shop and modify it.

Once this is done, they can either drive it back themselves or ask the staff to do it. However, players will need to spend at least $1.6 million initially to set up the business and then spend some more on the upgrades.

While players can earn around $50,000 per delivery, the Auto Shop can also be used for robberies, Client Services, and Exotic Exports, making it a great business option in the game.

2) Acid Lab


Acid Lab might not be the best business opportunity in GTA Online, but it is one of the best options for solo players. Not only does it require minimum investment, but the returns are also quite good.

To start the Acid Lab business, players must first get MTL Brigrade 6x6, which can be obtained by completing the First Dose mission (part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update). Once this is done, they will need to equip the Acid Lab upgrade to start producing drugs.

After installing all the necessary upgrades, players can start making around $325,000, which is quite a good amount of money. They can either sell the drugs themselves or ask the helper in the truck to do so.

1) Nightclub


Nightclubs are one of the best businesses that players can start in GTA Online. It is best suited for solo players and doesn't require them to participate in crazy heists or other challenging missions.

While it requires a minimum initial investment of around $1.08 million, the returns are highly lucrative. Players can start making $50,000 every 48 minutes by spending some additional money on upgrades. This is an excellent option for anyone who is unable to spend a lot of time in the game.

Since this money is generated passively, all players must do is come online a couple of times and empty the safe to secure the money.

Fans are hopeful that Rockstar Games will add several new businesses in Grand Theft Auto 6 when they roll out the game in the future.

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