5 times Trevor Philips didn’t mess around in GTA 5

When someone sees Trevor Philips in GTA 5, they should run (Image via Rockstar Games)
When someone sees Trevor Philips in GTA 5, they should run (Image via Rockstar Games)

Trevor Philips is not one to fool around in GTA 5; when he means business, he really means business.

The most well-known of the GTA 5 protagonists, Trevor Philips, earned his reputation as a crazed and dangerous maniac. Several characters find out the hard way. When Trevor is in a bad mood, he likes to take it out on other people. If they are lucky, they only lose a body part.

Trevor is a man with unyielding convictions. If he truly believes in his actions, he will relentlessly pursue them. Trevor may be hard to predict at times, but he always has a clear goal in mind. GTA 5 players know better than anyone what this man will do to survive.

Five times Trevor Philips meant business in GTA 5

5) Trevor takes out the Lost MC in a bad mood

Trevor's introduction in GTA 5 is one of the more unforgettable ones in the entire series. When he finds out his long-dead friend isn't actually dead, a storm cloud rains over his head. Johnny Klebitz picks the worst possible time to confront Trevor, who was getting it on with Ashley when the news report happened.

Despite a tense conversation, it seems like everything will be alright between Trevor and Johnny. However, a series of brutal stomps to the head sends a loud and clear message: Trevor isn't a man to mess with.

Rockstar Games went in a bold direction with this move. Lost and Damned players no doubt had a miserable time playing GTA 5 by this point. Not only does Trevor take out Johnny like a bag of garbage, but he also wipes out the remaining Lost MC. Trevor is a ticking time bomb that can go off at any second.

4) He raids an entire farmhouse and blows it up

Every GTA 5 player remembers when Trevor blew up the O'Neil ranch in the mission Crystal Maze. When Trevor finds out the Traids are dealing with his local competitors, he makes it clear he won't take it lying down.

When one of the O'Neil brothers starts going on about business matters, Trevor bluntly tells him to write down their family names on tombstones. He makes good on his word. Once he arrives at the rance, most of the bloodline is wiped clean from the slate.

Trevor being Trevor, he ends it on an explosive note. He's truly the hardest character in GTA 5.

3) Trevor lands a plane into another plane

Trevor figures out a recent cargo plane has a cache of powerful weapons. Despite Merryweather Security heavily guarding it, he decides to take everything for himself. With the use of a crop duster, he tracked down the flying plane.

In a brazen move that should've otherwise killed him, Trevor lands his plane into another plane. He then manages to kill the remaining survivors and hijack the plane. Even when the Air Force shoots him down, Trevor drives a jeep outside the crashing plane.

Most of the insane moments in GTA 5 involve Trevor Philips, and for a good reason. He walks the fine line between "crazy enough to work" and "crazy enough to get everyone killed."

2) He physically threatens Martin Madrazo

Trevor isn't afraid of anyone in GTA 5. Whether it's corrupt FIB agents or Triad leaders, he is always fearless in his resolve. Martin Madrazo runs a Mexican cartel in Los Santos, so inevitably, he gets on the bad side of Trevor. Rather than back down from a challenge, Trevor fights back.

After a major disagreement, Trevor cuts off Martin's left ear and kidnaps his wife, Patricia. While on the run, Trevor and Patricia develop feelings for one another. It's a rather strange turn of events for GTA 5. For once in his life, Trevor found somebody who wasn't afraid of him.

Better yet, once Trevor returns Patricia to her unloving husband, he gives Martin an ultimatum: treat her right or lose his right ear. Trevor manages to strike fear into the heart of the powerful criminal. Not once does Martin try to go after Trevor and his friends again. The threat actually worked.

1) Trevor finds out the truth

After a botched heist in Ludendorff several years ago, Trevor is under the impression Michael died while Brad was incarcerated. However, when Michael unwittingly reveals himself in a jewelry store job, Trevor goes to track him down. For a while, everything seemed fine. However, something isn't right.

Trevor already had his suspicions about Brad, especially after finding out Michael survived. He figured somebody must've been buried in Michael's place in North Yankton. Despite Michael's weak attempts at lying, Trevor is unconvinced. He goes to check for himself what is going on.

Eventually, Trevor arrives in North Yankton. With a shovel, he starts to dig at the gravesite. He uncovers the truth of what happened several years ago, setting in motion the final act of GTA 5.

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