5 most useful GTA Online vehicles for beginners

Having great vehicles is really important for a GTA Online beginner (Images via Rockstar Games)
Having great vehicles is really important for a GTA Online beginner (Images via Rockstar Games)

Sometimes, it becomes really hard for new GTA Online players to get into the groove and mindset that this dynamic game demands, as they can easily get overwhelmed with everything that it throws at them.

Players must interact with hundreds of quests, missions, items, and characters if they want to level up or get better at playing the game. Due to this, it can get daunting really quickly if players don't know what they are doing. However, there is always one easy thing that novice players can do to ease up their gaming experience: investing in the right vehicle.

Vehicles are a vital part of GTA Online, and having a good one can alter how players approach everything else in the game. This article will provide beginners with the five best vehicles they can get to start their GTA Online journey without any errors.

5 best vehicles that GTA Online beginners can buy

5) Pegassi Bati 801


The Bati 801 is one of the game's fastest bikes. It is a very stable and compact bike with superb acceleration and handling.

The vehicle was overtaken by the Hakuchou as of Update 1.16. However, it compensates with its faster acceleration. The Bati 801 seems slower than the similarly priced Double T, but it is more stable and user-friendly to control, making it a perfect sports bike for beginners. Players can buy it for $15,000 in GTA Online.

4) Ocelot F620


F620 is the perfect low-budget sports car that beginners can buy if they are tight on cash but still want something decent to drive. While it lacks acceleration, it has a high top speed for its class.

The car has a sporty feel to it, with good response time but a poor cornering radius. Oversteer is a slight but noticeable issue with this vehicle, although it is mostly manageable. The brakes are a little below average, but everything else is pretty great. Players can get this car for $80,000 in GTA Online.

3) Dominator


This is the perfect muscle car for beginner GTA players as it has a strong engine that provides the vehicle with decent acceleration and higher-than-average top speed.

Due to its incredible power, it is one of the fastest muscle cars in a straight line, but this is also the Dominator's biggest weakness since the engine's raw power makes the car difficult to handle in turns.

While its severe handling faults may make it unsuitable for novice drivers, the Dominator can reward those who take the effort to understand its driving style by being an excellent racing car, with only a few Muscles capable of keeping up. The car is priced at $35,000 in GTA Online.

2) Lampadati Felon


Felon is a pretty nice luxury car for players who are still getting used to the driving part in GTA Online, as it has excellent durability.

The engine is also well protected from other players' gunfire and is a robust vehicle for head-on collisions and vehicular combat. Rolling the car also does only slight deformation.

Another positive aspect is braking. While the automobile is hefty, it looks to have massive disc brakes, allowing it to come to a halt almost instantly while yet being amazingly swift from high speeds.

In terms of handling, the automobile has excellent grip, which is aided by the vehicle's weight and an exceptional turning radius for a car with such a long wheelbase. This car can be purchased for $90,000 in GTA Online.

1) Armored Kuruma


This is the best car to get if beginners want to quickly level up their grind and move ahead in the game. One of Armored Kuruma's greatest qualities is that it is impervious to impact deformation, which means the wheels will never lock in the event of a collision.

As the name suggests, the entire vehicle is fully armored, which lasts nearly three times as long as a regular Kuruma. The car has bullet-resistant windows that will rarely break even though bullet holes will emerge if shot at. This can protect players within the car because a bullet fired through the tiny panels will only cause little damage. However, players should be aware that their vision is substantially limited in the first-person perspective.

Armored Kuruma is also the most versatile car in the game, with a torque-rich engine that allows it to smash through traffic faster and more effortlessly than most vehicles of a similar size. Players can get the Armored Kuruma for $525,000 after finishing the Flecca job in GTA Online.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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