5 best Auto Shop Robbery Contracts in GTA Online for getting 3x bonuses

The Auto Shop Robbery Contracts are some of the most profitable jobs in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Auto Shop Robbery Contracts are some of the most profitable jobs in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

It's raining money in GTA Online this week, as Rockstar Games has increased the payouts for Auto Shop-related shenanigans in the latest weekly update. While the Exotic Exports job is paying 2x money and RP, the Auto Shop Client Jobs and Robbery Contracts are paying triple for the period. The multiplayer game includes eight contracts, each with its own set of missions and payouts. Players can grind them to earn millions this week.

However, not all jobs are worthwhile for the time and effort involved. Although the standard payout is adequate for all missions, gameplay, as well as chosen difficulty, also play a role. This article lists the five best Auto Shop Robbery Contracts that GTA Online players must grind this week.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

GTA Online: Union Depository Contract, Agency Deal, and 3 more Auto Shop Robbery Contract missions for 3x bonuses

1) The Union Depository Contract


The Union Depository is the best Auto Shop Robbery Contract to grind this week. It requires players to break into the Union Depository and steal Gold Bars from it. However, they must first steal a pass and code to the bank's vault to access it.

While the mission usually pays between $300,000 and $375,000, they can earn nearly one million dollars during the 3x reward week. The community has also found a GTA Online glitch that allows gamers to grind the mission repeatedly.

2) The Superdollar Deal


The Superdollar Deal job is a high-risk high-reward mission in GTA Online. It requires players to ambush a military convoy and steal the printing plates from their vehicle. While the objective sounds easy, the military in the game is notorious for being overpowered and aggressive, which adds a challenge to the mission.

Rockstar Games pays a standard payout of $166,500 for The Superdollar Deal job. However, GTA Online players can earn nearly half a million dollars with just a few minutes of work this week. One should also be prepared for the Wanted Level heat and fill their inventory with snacks.

3) The Agency Deal


The Agency Deal is one of the best missions to make solo money in GTA Online in 2023. It requires players to break into the International Affairs Agency (IAA) Headquarters, interrogate a detained dealer, and find a stolen narcotics recipe from the given location. The finale itself is divided into three parts and will take some time to complete.

Successful completion will reward gamers with $163,800, which can be increased to $490,000 by claiming the 3x bonus deal. First-time players can also receive an award titled The Agency Deal, which grants an additional $75,000 in cash.

4) The Lost Contract


The Lost Contract is one of the longest GTA Online Auto Shop missions. It requires players to ambush and destroy several Meth Labs owned by The Los MC Club, steal a truck loaded with Meth Lab products, and deliver it to the client while being chased and attacked by club members.

While it sounds tedious, the gameplay is exciting and GTA Online also offers a standard payout of $162,000 for the mission. With the 3x boost, this reward can be increased up to $480,000 with an additional $75,000 for first-time players. Gamers must recruit at least one other teammate to complete the job in one go.

5) The Bank Contract


The Bank Contract is a high-risk job in which players can lose money if they do not act wisely or keep track of the time. The mission requires them to rob six Fleeca Banks while being chased by cops. While the standard payout is $160,000, the 3x bonus can increase it to $480,000.

Players must not die during the mission, as multiple deaths will cause the mission to fail. Although you can do it alone, the community recommends having more teammates so that the GTA Online mission can be completed quickly.

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