5 fastest planes to buy in GTA Online ahead of San Andreas Mercenaries update

Five fastest planes in GTA Online in 2023 (Image via KubboGaming)
Five fastest planes in GTA Online in 2023 (Image via KubboGaming)

The GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries update has everyone excited for the DLC, and players are eager for a firsthand look at the new gameplay. The official Rockstar Games Newswire indirectly confirmed that the upcoming update would be an aviation-based DLC. While veteran players already have many planes, newcomers would be keen to add planes to their shopping lists.

GTA Online includes 34 planes that players can buy and store. While they are all relatively faster than land vehicles, there is no accurate way to determine a plane's speed without purchasing one. This article lists five of the fastest planes in GTA Online that players must purchase before the San Andreas Mercenaries update.

Buckingham Pyro, Mammoth Hydra, and three other planes that players must buy before the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update

1) Buckingham Pyro


The Buckingham Pyro is a military-grade twin-boom fighter jet. It has a small body divided into three sections: the cockpit and thruster, the wings, and the dual tails. The plane can reach a top speed of 222.75 mph or 358.48 km/h, the fastest velocity achieved by a vehicle in GTA Online.

The Pyro is an armored, weaponized vehicle that can be used in dog fights. Players can equip it with homing missiles and machine guns, making it lethal. The armor can withstand three enemy missiles, one sticky bomb, and two rounds of explosive bullets.

2) Western Company Rogue


Another compact plane in the multiplayer game, the Western Company Rogue, has a top speed of 219.50 mph or 353.25 km/h. The plane is fast for its size and requires little practice to fly it. Once mastered, it is extremely useful when performing plane-related missions in GTA Online.

The Rogue can accommodate four types of bombs, 7.62mm machine guns, explosive cannons, and homing missiles. It can withstand three homing missiles, two rounds of explosive bullets, and one sticky bomb with a full armor upgrade.

3) Mammoth Hydra


The Mammoth Hydra is one of the most popular vehicles in GTA Online. The military VTOL attack jet can propel to a top speed of 209.25 mph or 336.75 km/h. The vertical take-off and landing feature allows players to fly and land the plane anywhere without dragging it through a runway.

The Hydra is a reliable vehicle for dog fights as it comes with two machine guns and six homing launchers by default. Although Rockstar Games only provides one customization option for the plane (Respray), most players prefer using it in its stock form.

4) V-65 Molotok


The V-65 Molotok is a unique-looking plane with a hollow front and back. While the back hollow houses the thruster, the front is purely for aerodynamics. Its small stature allows it to reach a top speed of 207.75 mph or 334.34 km/h.

It can be used as an offensive and defensive vehicle in GTA Online. The Molotok can be outfitted with a homing launcher and two machine guns. However, the missiles have poor tracking and will miss their target when traveling fast.

5) Buckingham Howard NX-25


The Howard NX-25 is a fixed-wing armored plane with a top speed of 203.75 mph or 327.90 km/h. It is based on the real-life Hughes H-1 Racer and has a similar compact design. It is one of the most stylish aircraft in Grand Theft Auto Online and looks great in chrome or blue.

Although no weapons are included, its armor can withstand three homing missiles, two rounds of explosive bullets, and one sticky bomb. However, players must be cautious when flying the plane as it can be easily damaged. Nonetheless, it can complete a lap in 0:33.868 minutes, making it one of the fastest vehicles in GTA Online in 2023.

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