5 affordable GTA Online cars that are very useful (2023)

Five useful and affordable cars in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Five useful and affordable cars in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

One of the greatest features of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online is its gigantic catalog of cars where each type of player will find something to suit their taste. While there is an abundance of luxury and sports vehicles, their services come at an expensive rate. Fortunately, there is no shortage of affordable and useful automobiles either.

At this moment, there are well over 500 cars available in the game, which beginners and veterans alike will find hard to sort through. Hence, to assist them, here is a list of five affordable GTA Online cars that are very useful.

Lampadati Viseris and 4 more affordable GTA Online cars that are very useful (2023)

1) Karin Kuruma (Armored)


Karin Kuruma is one of the oldest vehicles in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. While a base version is also available, the armored model is one of the most useful cars in the game. It is bulletproof from all sides and can also be equipped with bulletproof tires from Los Santos Customs.

Additionally, it features a decent top speed of 109.75 mph or 176.63 km/h. Such a combination of speed and durability can be used in various GTA Online missions. Players can buy the armored Karin Kuruma from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website for $698,250. That price can be reduced further by unlocking its Trade Price of $525,000.

2) Lampadati Viseris


The Lampadati Viseris is one of the many Sports Classic cars in GTA Online. It boasts a stylish vintage design which is a combination of real-life cars like the De Tomaso Pantera GT5, Maserati Merak, and the BMW M1. Not only is it good-looking, but can also hit a great top speed of 124.25 mph or 199.96 km/h. It has good handling statistics as well; thus, players shouldn't face much trouble maneuvering it.

However, the main highlight of this car is its front facing dual machine guns that can be installed from the Mobile Operations Centre. Those interested can purchase the Lampadati Viseris for $875,000 from the Legendary Motorsport website.

3) Ocelot Virtue


The Ocelot Virtue usually costs well over two million dollars in the game. However, players can claim this Super Car for free by completing all The Last Dose missions in GTA Online. Ocelot Virtue's design is based on the real-life hypercar Lotus Evija, and it can hit a top speed of 119.25 mph or 191.91 km/h. While that may not seem very fast, its excellent acceleration makes it one of the quickest cars in the game.

Interestingly, Virtue is an Imani Tech vehicle, so players can add Missile Lock-On Jammers to it as well. Its utility extends even further when players upgrade its armor, which makes it capable of withstanding a barrage of explosives.

4) Grotti Turismo R


The Grotti Turismo R is a hybrid-electric Super Car featuring a sleek build inspired by the LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and GTA Spano. Those who own the Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition get this car for free. Otherwise, it can be bought for an affordable price of $500,000 from Legendary Motorsport.

The best aspect of Grotti Turismo R is its great top speed of 121.75 mph or 195.94 km/h, which is faster than the Ocelot Virtue. Combined with equally good acceleration and handling, it becomes one of the most useful cars for missions and races.

5) Vapid Dominator


The Vapid Dominator is one of the most affordable cars in GTA Online, having a price tag of just $35,000. Players can also buy it for $26,250 by unlocking its Trade Price. Even though it is quite cheap, Dominator's top speed of 120.25 mph or 193.52 km/h easily rivals many of its peers.

Its design is based on Ford Mustang, and players can reinforce its rear end at Los Santos Customs. The option of installing bulletproof tires is also available for the Vapid Dominator.

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