5 most expensive things in GTA Online (and their 5 cheaper alternatives)

GTA Online players should carefully manage their money (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA Online players should carefully manage their money (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online players may be surprised to learn about the most and least expensive items in the game.

The GTA Online economy is somewhat controversial. Whether it’s vehicles or properties, the value of these items tends to fluctuate. For example, a $26,250 Rocket Launcher is far more valuable than a $330,000 Stun Gun. This problem continues to persist even in 2022.

Likewise, the cheapest and most expensive items are not always measured by their worth. Players need to manage their money carefully, or else they can risk losing it on bad investments. They might be interested in looking for much cheap alternatives instead.

Five of the most expensive items in GTA Online (along with their cheaper counterparts)

5) Imponte Ruiner 2000 ($5,745,600)


The Ruiner 2000 is a very quick vehicle that can defend itself with machine guns and homing missiles. What makes it special is the bunny hopping feature. Players can also use a parachute to control their landings.

A significantly cheaper alternative is the classic Ruiner. Despite the measly price tag of $10,000, this vehicle has really good speed and acceleration. However, it lacks the unique features of the Ruiner 2000. The Ruiner is also slightly on the slower side, which makes it seem weaker in comparison.

If players want a similar vehicle at a lower price tag, they should consider the Grotti Vigilante at $3,750,000. The main difference is that it uses a power boost instead of a bunny hop. Both vehicles share similar weaponry, but Vigilante can upgrade itself with armor.

4) RM-10 Bombushka ($5,918,500)


For such a hefty price tag, this is one of the most disappointing vehicles in GTA Online. The Bombushka moves at a glacier pace, which significantly hinders its performance. It will be challenging trying to carpet bomb moving targets, especially at such low speeds.

The weaponry itself is very powerful since it will destroy most targets in a matter of seconds. Of course, the hard part will be landing any hits whatsoever. Its overall performance does not match its price tag.

By comparison, the Volatol only costs $2,800,000 at its trade price. However, it's very similar to Bombushka, particularly in performance. If GTA Online players want a bomber plane, the Volatol is a far cheaper solution.

3) P-996 LAZER ($6,500,000)


Players have always been able to rely on the P-996 LAZER. This fighter jet can reach extreme speeds within a fraction of a second. It also boasts high attack power with its explosive weaponry. However, it's mostly outdone by a much cheaper alternative.

The Hydra is easily the most direct competitor of the P-996 LAZER. GTA Online players can get it for only $3,000,000, just as long as they complete the Humane Labs Raid. This makes the Hydra a far more accessible vehicle for GTA Online players, which is greatly appreciated.

The Hydra can use VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) when it comes to combat. Players can use this ability to land anywhere they want, just as long as they have room. Thanks to the VTOL function, the Hydra is much safer to fly than the P-996 LAZER.

2) Galaxy Super Yachts ($6,000,000 - $8,000,000)


These are the most expensive possessions in the entire game. Only the wealthiest players can show off their luxury vessels. Super Yachts give players access to jacuzzis, private helicopters, and special missions.

Their price tags range within several million, as seen below:

  • Orion Yacht: $6,000,000
  • Pisces Yacht: $7,000,000
  • Aquarius Yacht: $8,000,000

There isn't a cheaper version of a superyacht. At best, GTA Online players would buy the Orion Yacht, but they are throwing away millions of dollars. If players wanted a colossal boat (but without the features), they could always buy a Dinka Marquis for only $413,990.

1) Luxor Deluxe ($10,000,000)


The Luxor Deluxe only has one purpose in GTA Online: Players get to show off just how rich they are. Otherwise, there isn't much practical use for this solid gold plane. It has no offensive or defensive capabilities, a basic necessity for aircraft. This makes it the perfect target practice for griefers.

In all honesty, GTA Online players are better off stealing regular planes from an airport. They provide just as much protection as a Luxor Deluxe. Some of them may also be easier to fly since they are much smaller by comparison.

If players want to be fancy, they can always buy the Buckingham Nimbus for $1,900,000. While its acceleration is lower than the Luxor, the Nimbus has a higher top speed. GTA Online players will also save $8,100,000 on their purchase. The Nimbus is the superior choice over the Luxor Deluxe in clarity.

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