5 mods to make GTA 5 more immersive in 2022

GTA 5 players should try these mods for an immersive gameplay experience (Images via GTA5-Mods)
GTA 5 players should try these mods for an immersive gameplay experience (Images via GTA5-Mods)

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is perhaps one of the most feature-packed games to be released by a developer. Rockstar Games did an exceptional job of ensuring the free roam title was a major success in almost all aspects. However, it is human nature to want more, and GTA fans are no exception.

Fortunately, the active GTA 5 modding community has played a major role in introducing new mods that allow GTA 5 players to alter the game with the use of new weapons and vehicles.

This article lists five such mods from the GTA5-Mods community that make the game more immersive.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. Listings are not in any order.

5 GTA 5 mods to try if you are tired of the standard gameplay

1) Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul


One of the biggest letdowns of GTA 5 was that it ditched the Euphoria Engine physics. Other Rockstar Games titles like Red Dead Redemption (RDR), Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4 have proven to include better ragdoll physics than GTA 5.

To reintroduce the good old ragdoll mechanism, developer MiGGousT created a patch that utilizes Euphoria Engine physics in the game. Some notable features of this mod are:

  • Pedestrians no longer fall to the ground instantly when pushed by a car.
  • Targets will balance much longer if they are still alive after being shot.
  • Melee attacks prompt a "grab where it hurts" response.
  • NPCs cover their heads when an explosion happens nearby, etc.

These AI elements will add a new dimension to the game, making it more immersive.

2) Realistic Guns Sounds


The gun sounds in Grand Theft Auto 5 are a little too refined and don't have the raw feel or feedback of a powerful weapon. RPG and FPS players have expressed disappointment over the overall weapon system.

To address the issue, GTA 5 modders XENORT, 420x420, MaoBO, and ThisIsntMyName created a realistic patch that modifies the game's default weapon sounds and replaces them with the actual gun sound.

3) SoB's Extreme Difficulty Health Realism


Imagine playing Grand Theft Auto 5 with a real-life health and death mechanism. It would be similar to playing Call of Duty games in the hardest difficulty settings. Developers SoB decided to introduce this experience in the game.

The mod includes a non-UI injury system, with various weapons causing some unique injuries. They also affect normal walking and running, making it difficult for players to move the character. Players may occasionally need to call paramedics or apply medication to their injuries in order to recover.

4) Human Needs


GTA 5’s characters are almost superhuman considering they don’t need to eat or drink and barely sleep. In an open-world game, such superhuman abilities give the players an unfair advantage.

Marcs742 brings this necessary human mechanism to Grand Theft Auto 5 that includes:

  • Necessary eating and sleeping.
  • Malnutrition results in loss of health, and special abilities.
  • More convenience stores, restaurants, motels, and coffee shops were added to buy food, etc.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has these requirements for CJ to eat, sleep, and exercise in order to stay healthy. With Grand Theft Auto 5's otherwise realistic features, this mod makes for an even more authentic experience.

5) Fuel Script V Mod


Like its characters, Grand Theft Auto 5’s cars are also futuristic, self-sustaining vehicles that don’t need fuel to run. The idea of refueling your car every few miles may sound tedious, but it will certainly add realism to the game.

For true car enthusiasts, modder Sakis25 created a patch that adds fuel requirements to GTA 5's cars. This mod includes the following features:

  • Fuel bar above the minimap.
  • Engine stops when fuel runs out.
  • Damaged petrol tank reduces fuel, etc.

Players must visit the gas stations already available in the game and refuel their vehicles in order to continue driving.

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