How to get Lampadati Corsita for free in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update

The new GTA Online update allows GTA+ members to get Lampadati Corsita for free (Image via Sportskeeda)
The new GTA Online update allows GTA+ members to get Lampadati Corsita for free (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online's The Criminal Enterprises DLC is finally here, and fans are loving every single second of it.

The update has added a lot of new features, missions, and much-needed payout changes. However, car enthusiasts are excited about the brand-new vehicles added to the game, including Lampadati Corsita.

The car is a magnificent beast, and GTA+ members can get it free of cost for a limited time. Let’s learn about the vehicle and how to get it without spending any GTA$.

The new update has introduced Lampadati Corsita to the world of GTA Online


Rockstar never fails to surprise fans when it comes to these big updates. They always have big expectations to fill in, and rightly so. Players have been waiting for new supercars for a long time, and finally, they got exactly that.

Lampadati Corista is a 2-door sports car introduced in the game with the latest Criminal Enterprises update on July 26, 2022. Its elegant and cutting design is based on a real-life Maserati MC20. Based on its real-world counterpart, the Italian speedster should boast an above-average performance and give players a thrill riding it. Its name is derived from a Corsican word for “Lane.”

It is available to purchase for $1,795,000 from Legendary Motorsport. However, players with GTA+ membership can get this car free of cost. They also get two exclusive livery options for free, called Geometric Shapes and Graphic Montage.


Here’s how to claim it:

  • Open the phone
  • Go to the Internet
  • Open Legendary Motorsport
  • Check for “Lampadati Corsita”
  • Select the vehicle and claim it
  • Drive it to the Auto Shop
  • Wrap it in “Graphic Montage” or “Geometric Shapes” livery
  • Confirm it

The website describes the car as:

“Blood pressure rising? Heart rate increasing? Body temperature comparable to the core of a freshly microwaved pizza pocket? Well, don't panic if you feel the urge to grab a fistful of lotion. These are all the normal symptoms of close contact with the Corsita, the hottest new set of wheels from Lampadati.”

The car is stunning and boasts a solid performance, a must-have for players this summer. GTA Online players can grab it for free until August 31, 2022.

What else has been included with GTA+ this month?


With the new GTA+ event, members no longer have to pay a fee for using certain abilities or most-used features while running a business. These include:

  • Bribe Authorities
  • Ghost Organization
  • Vehicle Requests
  • Repair Import/Export Vehicle Cargo

GTA Online players with an Executive Office can claim free Garage and Safe from the in-game Dynasty website. Throughout the event, the members have an increased chance of finding Special Items while sourcing Special Cargo.

Just like every membership event before, members also get free Clothing items and Accessories. Here’s what has been included this month:

  • Gold Beat Off Earphones
  • Apricot Perseus Track Pants
  • Apricot Perseus Cap

With the introduction of the new Operation Paper Trail, members can help the IAA and Agent ULP to investigate the gas price crisis and get an additional 50% payout and RP throughout the event.

GTA Online players can also take advantage of GTA+ Shark Cards and get an extra 15% bonus, including the Red Shark and the Megalodon. Players can get the membership for $5.99/month and claim all the benefits listed above till August 31, 2022.

Starting tomorrow GTA+ Members get the new Lampadati Corsita sports car with 2 complimentary and exclusive Liveries for it.Plus, claim free upgrades for your Office and more when the new GTA+ event period kicks off alongside The Criminal Enterprises:

Overall, it seems like Rockstar is back on track with the Criminal Enterprises update in GTA Online. The devs have done well by adding such a magnificent vehicle to the game's already impressive catalog. Many other cars have been added to the update, and more are yet to come this summer, making it the best time for car collectors in the game.

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