How to play GTA Online Stockpile for 2x bonuses this week (June 2 to June 7)

A brief about GTA Online Stockpile and how to play it for double bonuses this week (Image via Rockstar Games)
A brief about GTA Online Stockpile and how to play it for double bonuses this week (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online’s latest weekly update significantly boosts all the pilots and adrenaline junkies in Los Santos. While Freemode Events and Challenges still give double bonuses, players can participate in one of the best Adversary Modes – the Stockpile. Until June 7, 2023, this aircraft-based mode gives 2x cash and RP to every participating pilot. Up to 16 different gamers can play it together after reaching Rank 1.

However, with so many activities to complete in 2023, one could easily get overwhelmed and not know where to start. Fortunately, this article will guide the players on how to play Stockpile Adversary Mode after the recent update.

Step-by-step guide to start GTA Online Stockpile Adversary Mode (June 2 to June 7)


In 2023, various Adversary Modes are available for players to explore; however, none are as fun as Stockpile. The recent GTA Online weekly update made it even better by giving double the money for playing it throughout the week.

The objective of the Stockpile is very simple - Capture a flag and deliver it to the drop-off location while flying an aircraft. Those collecting the most flags before the timer runs out will be declared winners.

Here’s how to start Stockpile in GTA Online for 2x rewards this week:

  1. Open the Options menu, and select the Online tab
  2. Go to Jobs, and choose Play Jobs
  3. Choose Rockstar Created
  4. Go to Adversary Modes
  5. Scroll to find different Stockpile games listed on it

Seven Stockpile games are available in 2023, each offering a different aircraft and unique area surrounded by obstacles. Here’s a list of all Stockpile locations that one can select in GTA Online this week:

  • Stockpile I – P-45 Nokotas, Pillbox Hill
  • Stockpile II – Buckingham Pyros, Paleto Cove
  • Stockpile III – V-65 Molotoks, Harmony
  • Stockpile IV – FH-1 Hunters, Lan Act Reservoir
  • Stockpile V – Buckingham Pyros, Cypress Flats
  • Stockpile VI – P-45 Nokotas, Mount Josiah
  • Stockpile VII – Western Company Rogues, RON Alternates Wind Farm

What other bonuses do GTA Online players get this week?


Rockstar seems to be very generous this week by giving double bonuses on a lot of different things. Junk Energy Skydives are back in the limelight by offering 2x cash to anyone courageous enough to participate in the activity.

Freemode Events and Challenges continue to give double the payout for dominating the streets of Los Santos. Beginners can visit the Flight School and learn how to fly an aircraft in GTA Online while earning a boosted payout.

Players can also earn 100% more cash from completing Time Trials this week.

If gamers want to earn a good amount of cash while having a lot of fun in the skies of Los Santos, they should try Stockpile Adversary Mode today.

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