Is the Vagrant in GTA Online worth winning at the Car Meet?

A brief about Maxwell Vagrant available as Prize Ride in GTA Online this week (Image via @j0rdyproduction on Twitter)
A brief about Maxwell Vagrant available as Prize Ride in GTA Online this week (Image via @j0rdyproduction on Twitter)

GTA Online just received a fresh weekly update, allowing players to once again win new rides as part of the Prize Ride this week.

This week, one can get a brand new Maxwell Vagrant in GTA Online by becoming an LS Car Meet member and winning four Street Races for four days straight. In the latest Newswire, Rockstar stated:

“There’s a red Maxwell Vagrant available for any LS Car Meet member who wins a Street Race four days in a row.”

The vehicle is a two-seater off-road buggy that was added to GTA Online with The Diamond Casino Heist update. However, with so many vehicles already existing in the game, one could wonder if it’s worth grinding for in 2022. With that being said, let’s learn everything about Maxwell Vagrant in GTA Online.

Everything to know about Maxwell Vagrant in GTA Online – Price, performance, and more


Maxwell Vagrant is primarily based on the real-life Ariel Nomad, especially for its wheel fenders, overall shape, and headlights. The vehicle has taken a similar design from the beloved Dune Buggy. However, the same has been done with a slightly more modernized look.

Its visual appearance consists of the following characteristics:

Front side

  • Small bulbar protecting the intercooler
  • A set of three circular lights mounted on the outer portions
  • A small compartment on the upper side bearing the Maxwell logo
  • Suspension springs

Rear Side

  • Black upper panel bearing Maxwell logo
  • Engine bay connected to the exhaust system
  • Large muffler below the panel
  • Twin circular tail lights on each side, all equipped with turning lights as well as inner main lights
  • The license plate on the bottom portion
  • Exposed bulbar as the rear bumper

Miscellaneous components

  • A tall and wide cabin area
  • Windshield corresponding to the cabin area
  • Two small mirror wings
  • Two frames on the roof
  • Corresponding control arms on wheels connecting to the steering rack and main body
  • Race dial set is similar to that one found in RE-7B

When it comes to performance, the Vagrant is powered by a V-shaped engine, coupled with a six-speed gearbox powering the vehicle in a rear-wheel drivetrain.

Players can directly purchase the vehicle from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for a cost of $1,660,500 - $2,214,000.

Is it worth having Vagrant in GTA Online in 2022?


Maxwell Vagrant is a special vehicle, a pretty competitive one in its class. The vehicle boasts excellent top speed as well as acceleration. As tested by Broughy1322, the car can reach a staggering top speed of 122.50 mph (197.14 km/h). That, combined with its excellent acceleration, makes it a force to be reckoned with.

Due to its unique design, it also excels in off-road capabilities, making it compete with other fast off-road vehicles in the game like Sanchez. It is considered to be one of the best vehicles for off-road racing. Its engine is so powerful that the vehicle can climb steep mountains easily.

On the negative side, the vehicle is a bit lightweight, making it completely vulnerable to traffic.

It is a must-have vehicle, especially for car enthusiasts and outdoorsy players in the game.

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Rockstar has done a great job in keeping the value of the Prize Ride relevant by allowing players to grab vehicles like Vagrant. With the new vehicles coming to GTA Online every week, it is the best time to start winning Street Races and get the Vagrant this week.

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