5 Max Payne 3 features that should return in the GTA series

5 Max Payne 3 features that should return in the GTA series
Max Payne 3 has lots of features that Rockstar should bring back (Image via Sportskeeda)

Now that GTA 6's first trailer has been confirmed for today, December 5, 2023, fans can't help but wonder if some features from different games make their way to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title. While the series has many titles with great gameplay mechanics, the Max Payne series is no less amazing. Rockstar rolled out Max Payne 3 way back in 2012 and implemented features like slow-motion and Bullet Cam that allowed the players to experience combat in a new format.

The Max Payne series always had ridiculous action and abilities that made it unique. Some of them, like Shootdodge, were also very useful, and implementing them in GTA 6 would benefit the players by giving them more options and diversifying the combat.

This article will highlight some of the features from Max Payne 3 that should make a comeback in the GTA series.

Note: The article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

GTA 6 should have these 5 amazing features from Max Payne 3

1) Dual-wielding


While most games limit players to wielding one gun with two hands, Max Payne 3 did not have this restriction. The game allows players to fire a pistol with one hand and an SMG with the other, thanks to its dual-wield feature. It would be fun to have this feature in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Dual-wielding was present in earlier games like GTA San Andreas, but the feature was seemingly lost in the next titles. However, it is one of the most useful and fun gameplay mechanics from Max Payne 3, as it allows players to use two single-handed weapons at once.

2) Varied injuries of the enemies


In most GTA games, it does not matter what weapon the players use; the enemies will either become a fountain of blood or simply drop dead. However, Max Payne 3 handled this quite well, with varied injuries on enemies depending on the weapon used to damage them.

The game also had different death animations depending on the weapon, which made things a lot more realistic compared to GTA titles. That says a lot since Max Payne has ridiculous action and gameplay mechanics. However, it is fun and interesting to see it happen.

3) Shootdodge


Shootdodge is the signature move of the Max Payne series and is one of the best things that was added to the game. While using this ability, Max dives through the air, firing his weapon in slow motion. Since players have control over the character, they can target and shoot 360 degrees, making this ability very effective.

Shootdodge is quite helpful when players are facing a lot of enemies and wish to gain some distance. It is a great ability that not only looks cool but also is equally useful. Using Shootdodge also reloads the weapons, allowing for continuous fire without any stopping.

4) Last Man Standing


There are various useful skills and abilities under Max's belt, but the Last Man Standing might be the most useful one. This feature allows Max to go into slow motion and kill the targets after all his health has been drained. However, this can only be done if he still has at least one Painkiller bottle left.

This gives the players the chance to keep moving and complete the missions without facing the death animation and restart from the last checkpoint. This would be very useful in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title since it is rumored that a lot of its missions will be long and difficult. Last Man Standing is also a great gameplay mechanic that gives a second chance without having to visit the hospital.

5) Bullet Time


Bullet Time is a gameplay mechanic in Max Payne 3 that slows down everything in the character's vicinity, allowing them to take out multiple enemies quickly and with precision. While Rockstar did use this feature in GTA 5 to some extent, it was not as amazing as the initial game.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, all three protagonists can slow down time for a brief moment. While Michael and Trevor can use this while using weapons, Franklin can use it while driving, allowing them to dodge crashes and take tight turns gracefully. However, the ability is not always useful, and a lot of players don't often use it. So, it'd be great if Rockstar further polishes and brings it back in GTA 6.

With the GTA 6 trailer release date is almost here, players are hoping to see some of these amazing abilities in the video once Rockstar releases it.

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