Short Trips in GTA Online: How to start, mission details, and more

Getting into it with the guys (Image via Sportskeeda)
Getting into it with the guys (Image via Sportskeeda)
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The Short Trips missions in GTA Online were added as part of The Contract DLC. The new mission type sees gamers assuming the role of Franklin and Lamar in completing missions pertaining to Lamar's marijuana business, LD Organics.

Fans of the game and especially of the latest DLC were overjoyed when they learned they could play missions as two of the most entertaining characters from the story mode.

This article will inform GTA Online fans about the details of the Short Trips missions.

GTA Online fans love playing as Franklin and Lamar


The above video shows a guide to all three of the missions available as part of Franklin and Lamar's Short Trips missions in GTA Online.

These new missions have become very popular as they allow people to play as two of the best characters from the story mode of the game. This is the first time ever that fans can use these two as playable GTA Online characters.

Getting Started with Franklin and Lamar


In order to help Lamar and Franklin with the Short Trips mission, players must first complete all of the main missions at their Agency business. A few hours after completing the Dr. Dre Contract, Franklin will call and tell players to head over to Record Studio A.

At the recording studio, after being shown around by DJ Pooh, GTA Online players can meet Franklin and Lamar in the smoking room and select the option to 'Smoke Special Strain.' Doing so will launch the Short Trip missions by giving players an out-of-body experience and transferring them into the characters of Franklin and Lamar. Player one becomes Franklin and player two becomes Lamar.

The 3 Missions

Below are brief descriptions of what the Short Trips missions each entail in GTA Online.

Seed Capital


The first mission starts after the tour of Record Studio A when players smoke with Franklin and Lamar and switch places. The aim is for the two friends to re-up on Lamar's product as they just smoked the last of it. However, when they arrive at the LD Organics warehouse, they must fight off a gang of enemy Vagos.

The second half of the mission sees the two characters shooting from the back of the Mule truck until they arrive at the Vagos base. They have to kill their way to the driver of the van and recover the keys. However, on completion, the truck explodes with all of the product. Players receive $50,000 as the mission ends.

Fire It Up


This mission starts in the smoking room once again. This time Franklin and Lamar set out to get revenge on the Vagos who blew up the truck in the previous mission. The two friends drive all the way up to Sandy Shores where they find two Vagos weed farms. They have to kill their way past all the guards, preferably with stealth, then enter the farmhouses to burn their enemy's weed.

After completing their controlled burn, Franklin and Lamar have to steal a van and drive it back to Franklin's house. Once the mission is over, players receive another $50,000 payout. But not before Lamar roasts Franklin again in a new way in GTA Online.

OG Kush


In the third and final mission, playing as Franklin and Lamar, GTA Online gamers get into an LD Organics van that was built out of compressed marijuana bio-plastic. They drive to Blaine County, where Lamar meets Jimmy Boston, a celebrity from the Epsilon program. Franklin watches over the meeting with a sniper rifle from a tall crane.

During the meeting, they are interrupted by another gang of Vagos. After killing the enemies, Franklin and Lamar get back into the van and drive back to Los Santos while fighting off more oncoming attackers.

Finally, upon reaching Los Santos, the two friends crash the van into Tequi-la-la, totaling it as it continues to smoke and smolder. However, this disaster turns positive when everyone in the streets gets high and starts to chant, "LD Organics!" This will surely be good enough press for the company in GTA Online, plus players receive their final $50,000 payment.

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