The best vehicles to buy in GTA Online this week

All players should own these vehicles (Images via Rockstar Games)
All players should own these vehicles (Images via Rockstar Games)

In this week's GTA Online update, a number of vehicles are being offered at reduced prices. While some of them are excellent choices for both new and experienced players, not all of them are worthwhile purchases.

This article selects only the best vehicles for one to consider adding to their garage. Some of these may already be owned by a large number of players, making this more useful for GTA Online beginners rather than experts.

Some of the best GTA Online vehicles to consider purchasing right now

5) Pfister Comet


The Pfister Comet is one of the cheapest cars in GTA Online this week, with a price tag of $60,000. It is an iconic vehicle that can be found throughout the series, and it performs admirably in all of them. This version of the Comet is an RWD vehicle, much like its real-life equivalent, the Porsche 996 GT2.

Although the car's performance is ordinary for a sports car, its traction is superior than that of most vehicles in its class. Players should, however, be aware that the Comet is extremely light and can be quite tail-heavy. The usual cost of the car is $100,000, and the Retro Custom upgrade will have them forking out $645,000.

However, this week the upgrade has been discounted too, and GTA Online players can get it for $387,000. This upgrade is entirely optional, and it decreases the performance of the car. In any case, the Comet is an essential vehicle in the game that every player should own by virtue of its history.

4) Progen GP1


In terms of performance, the Progen GP1 loses out to its closest competitor, the Progen T20, and is basically a downgraded Progen Tyrus. However, considering the fact that the GP1 costs much less than these two, its performance is more than adequate.

GTA Online players can justify buying the GP1 this week because of the discount, as it is currently priced at $882,000. The handling capabilities of this car are exceptional, and it is a major advantage when compared to other vehicles in its class.

Most car enthusiasts will easily recognize that the GP1 is based on the legendary McLaren F1. Rockstar have managed to make it handle much like a real-world supercar, even though the GP1 isn't nearly as fast. Compared to the Tyrus, the GP1 is the better choice, especially when the price-to-performance ratio is considered.

3) Mammoth Avenger


The Avenger is GTA Online's response to the V-22 Osprey, and as such, it's quite a unique vehicle. The best thing about this aircraft is its armor, and it's often considered a suitable vehicle to survive against griefing.

The Avenger, has extremely tough armor that can absorb massive damage. It's not as tough as the MOC, however, even though it can withstand a lot of pounding before being clobbered. This is most likely owing to the fact that it is a plane, which limits its effective endurance.

Despite being on discount, the Avenger isn't a cheap vehicle in GTA Online. Interested players will still need to shell out $2,070,000 this week to buy it. The weapons, armor and explosives don't come pre-installed either and will cost a lot.

2) Jobuilt P-996 LAZER


The LAZER is easily considered one of the best planes in GTA Online. However, most players avoid it simply due to its $6,500,000 price tag. This week, it's on sale and one can buy it for $4,550,000. Although this doesn't make it cheap, a $2 million drop in price is a great reason to buy it.

The LAZER has outstanding mobility and is highly responsive. It can pitch, yaw, and roll in any direction quite swiftly. Coupled with that, its short take-off and landing distance amplifies this further. Hence, the P-996 is an excellent aircraft for moving from point A to B swiftly and efficiently while avoiding griefers.

Unlike other aircraft, the LAZER never stalls out during a vertical ascent. This makes it perfect for breaking the functional sky limit, beyond which players cannot open their parachutes. The weaponry in this vehicle is quite intimidating too and can make quick work of any enemy.

1) HVY Nightshark


The Nightshark is a beginner's best friend in GTA Online, and is possibly a better alternative to the Armored Kuruma. On top of being armored, it also comes with machine guns, and the best thing about them is that they're driver-operated. This is why solo players should stick to the Nightshark instead of the Insurgent Pick-Up Custom.

The Nightshark was on discount recently, and GTA Online players who haven't picked it up yet have another chance to do so. It's currently priced at just $747,000.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinions.

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