Top 10 characters in GTA San Andreas and their voice actors

GTA San Andreas has an amazing cast of characters (Images via Sportskeeda)
GTA San Andreas has an amazing cast of characters (Images via Sportskeeda)

GTA San Andreas has some characters who are both memorable and entertaining to watch. But even though the majority of them are amazing, there is still a small minority of annoying or forgettable characters in the game as well.

The debates about which character is the best in GTA San Andreas have been taking place since its release, which was back in 2004.

However, most GTA San Andreas players do agree on certain characters that are the best in the game. In any case, this article will try to present to players ten of the best characters in GTA San Andreas, along with their respective voice actors.

Note: This article reflects the writer's subjective opinion.

Cesar Vialpando and 9 other characters from GTA San Andreas that have amazing voice acting

10) Catalina - Cynthia Farrell


Although Catalina is a polarizing character in the game, there is still a huge number of players who find her hilarious. This makes sense, as she is clearly depicted as a psychopathic, self-centered, hotheaded, destructive, and reckless woman with very dark and disturbing undertones to her personality.

Because of this, there are a lot of humorous moments in the game with Catalina, which makes her very memorable.

9) Big Smoke - Clifton Powell


Big Smoke is probably one of the most recognizable characters from GTA San Andreas, especially because of his iconic dialogue and one-liners.

He is first presented in the game as a joyful but slightly irresponsible companion of Carl's, who also has a large appetite. But later on, a secret about him is revealed that changes the entire story.

Big Smoke is one of those characters that is pretty approachable and nice on the outside, but in reality, they are hiding something sinister.

8) Officer Pulaski - Chris Penn


Pulaski is shown to be a harsh, vicious, and deplorable individual. He looks to be sycophantic toward Tenpenny, usually agreeing with whatever he says, implying that he may be a "yes man" who will do anything Tenpenny orders him to.

But the most insane thing about Pulaski is that he never changes his vile attitude even when he is faced with his own death. He does not have any qualms about verbally or physically attacking individuals and appears to enjoy engaging in violence, making him truly terrifying.

7) Wu Zi Mu - James Yaegashi


Wu Zi Mu is the triad gang's leader, and he rapidly develops a wholesome friendship with CJ. Despite being the leader of a criminal empire, Wu Zi Mu is always upbeat and never exhibits signs of rage, even when he is in danger.

It can be claimed that out of the whole cast, he is the one who assists CJ the most during the game's events and assigns him some of the most fun and entertaining missions.

6) Kendl Johnson - Yolanda Whittaker


Kendl is the Johnson siblings' rational mind. As proven by her romance with Cesar, she is not active in gang life and does not let affiliations get in the way of relationships, which makes her pretty unique as almost everyone in GTA San Andreas is connected to the crime world one way or another.

Kendl is portrayed as clever and pragmatic. Although her brothers went to crime as a last choice to sustain themselves, the narrative implies that Kendl might find success within the confines of the law, making her the "brains" of CJ's business operations.

5) The Truth - Peter Fonda


Tenpenny initially introduces CJ to The Truth, who is a hippy. He is the first indication that the plot and missions will go beyond gang violence and police corruption.

CJ is initially wary of his outlandish nature, but he quickly finds that he can trust the Truth without reservation. Players love every minute The Truth is on screen, especially when he starts rambling about conspiracy theories.

4) Mike Toreno - James Woods


Toreno is arguably the most complex and unpredictable character in GTA San Andreas, and players love him because of that. He clearly has his own philosophy and dabbles in a lot of heinous acts in the name of the greater good.

But strangely, unlike many other characters in the game, Toreno is not corrupted by his own power and appears to be a man of his word, having kept his promise to Carl and securing his brother's early release from prison.

3) Cesar Vialpando - Clifton Collins Jr.


Cesar proves to be a compassionate, devoted, and unselfish individual. In the mission (that is named after him), Cesar Vialpando proves his commitment by stopping his gang members from fighting Carl.

He also promises Carl that he would look after his sister Kendl and ensure that she is not harmed, which he does. Over the course of the game, CJ gradually realizes that he can trust Cesar, and he develops into one of his most dependable companions.

2) Frank Tenpenny - Samuel L. Jackson


The main antagonist of GTA San Andreas, Frank Tenpenny, is a corrupt cop who is portrayed as a violent, vicious, heartless, manipulative, and impetuous individual.

Tenpenny is also arrogant and vicious, and he may easily become enraged if things do not go as planned, making him one of those characters that makes the player feel guilty for liking him.

From CJ's arrival in Los Santos and up until the credits roll, Tenpenny is an unredeemable monster who exploits CJ. This, combined with Samuel L. Jackson's amazing voice acting, made this character one of the most famous villains in gaming history.

1) Carl Johnson


Having CJ at the top of the list might feel wrong as he is a playable character, but over the course of the game, CJ manages to carve his own separate identity with memorable catchphrases and one-liners.

CJ arrived in San Andreas after fleeing his home and being taken back following his mother's death. He then goes through an entire arc from being someone who is constantly manipulated by others to someone who has their own goals and ideology, making him a dynamic main character, especially for the time this game came out.

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