Top 5 assault rifles in GTA Online that players should know about

GTA Online currently offers 99 distinct weapon choices to players (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online currently offers 99 distinct weapon choices to players (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online's wide range of weapons can sometimes be overwhelming for new players. Moreover, it can be quite a difficult task to decide which gun would be ideal for what combat situation.

While different weapon types satisfy different needs, investing in an assault rifle that fits your playstyle can help you through most in-game situations. Each AR has its own specific purpose and range of applications, the list below is arranged in order of the overall value that the entries provide in the title and their price-to-performance ratio.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's views.

Best assault rifles in GTA Online (December 2022)

5) Special Carbine MK II


Released as part of the Doomsday Heist update, along with other MK II weapons, this Special Carbine has one of the highest DPS (Damage per second) ratings of almost any AR in GTA Online. The fire rate and the damage it deals give no cause to complain, but the reduced 60-bullet magazine size, as compared to the MK I's 100, is a sore spot.

That being said, its compatibility with special ammo types, along with that high DPS rating, make this one of the most devastating weapons a GTA Online player can have in their arsenal.

4) Service Carbine


One of the more recently released weapons on this list, the Service Carbine checks almost all the boxes for a good AR. Players will feel a slight recoil on the gun, which is not enough to harm the accuracy in any noticeable way. Moreover, it has the reliable fire rate and damage rating of the M16, the rifle it's based on.

The fact that the Service Carbine can't be bought over the counter at Ammu Nation is both a pro and a con. Players will have to complete a set of missions to get their hands on the gun, but it also means that the weapon is completely free, perfect for beginners or those low on funds.

3) Military Rifle


Definitely one of the more fun weapons in GTA Online, the Military Rifle gets quite a lot right. It is among two guns with a higher DPS than the Special Carbine MK II and boasts a considerable bump in fire rate compared to the guns mentioned so far.

At nearly $400,000, its price tag is one of the main reasons the weapon is not seen often. The limited PvE applications, with the smaller 45-bullet clip size, are another contributing factor to the same. But for GTA Online players on the lookout for an ideal PvP weapon, who can actually spend the $400,000, their search ends here.

2) Bullpup MK II


To put it simply, the Bullpup MK II offers the best of all the weapons listed so far and more. The highest DPS rating in GTA Online, the impressive fire rate of the Military Rifle, a 60-bullet clip, and compatibility with special ammo types are a few highlights of this gun.

This weapon will also help gamers take down enemies from far away, thanks to its much higher-than-average range compared to other ARs in GTA Online. A reliable AR that can get players out of most situations, the Bullpup MK II will earn them much more than the $105,000 they will have to spend to get it.

1) Special Carbine


The oldest weapon on the list still manages to grab the top spot for the sheer value that it offers in GTA Online. The Special Carbine has been the AR of choice in the story mode from the day GTA 5 was released, and the trend continued when it was added to the title's multiplayer counterpart subsequently.

A large 100-bullet magazine for the player's PvE needs and an insane DPS-high-fire-rate combo for PvP — all for less than $15,000 — make for an irresistible deal that's always available at the gamer's nearest Ammu-Nation.

The only area where there is some scope for improvement is the Special Carbine's slightly lower range in comparison to the Bullpup MK II. However, it more than makes up for it by costing a 10th of the latter's price and still managing to provide more overall value in GTA Online.

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