Top 5 businesses to purchase in GTA Online amid the Los Santos Drug Wars update

The update released recently is the first of a two part DLC addition (Image via Rockstar Games)
The update released recently is the first of a two part DLC addition (Image via Rockstar Games)

A big reason behind the continued success of GTA Online over the years is the frequent and consistent additions and upgrades that Rockstar rolls out for players. The latest in this line, the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, was released a few days ago, and like every big update to the game, it brings several new money-making opportunities for fans.

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Best Businesses to purchase in GTA Online after the last update (Dec 2022)

The given list is in no particular order, and players should build businesses that seem to be the best fit for their level of progress in GTA Online and risk profile.

1) Acid Lab


After completing the First Dose Story mission and procuring the necessary equipment, the Acid Lab upgrade will become available for the new MTL 6x6 Brigade vehicle in the Freakshop. The Acid Lab business will be unlocked after the upgrade is installed, and players can make drops, deliver products, and source supplies with Mutt.

Like existing businesses in GTA Online, source missions to gather supplies will be generated to convert to Acid, which players can sell further.

The great thing about the new lab business is that the barrier to entry, cost-wise at least, is minimal, and even new GTA Online players can establish the same relatively quickly

2) The Arcade


The Arcade is one of the lowest-effort yet lucrative businesses players can operate in GTA Online. Netting around $50,000/day in passive income can also be an excellent avenue for heists, where players can sometimes even steal millions from visitors.

If passive income seems a bit on the lower end, players should take into account that if they successfully execute heists in the arcade, they can do far more here than in a business with a higher passive income, as there is no upper limit on the heists that players can perform at the Arcade.

3) Cocaine Lockup


GTA Online fans looking for a straightforward, low-risk business that's easy to set up should pay close attention here. A cocaine lockup can be bought off MC Clubhouse on Maze Bank Foreclosures, and after purchasing supplies and stocking up, you're good to go. Costs may run up to $75,000 to set up the whole thing, but it generates tons of revenue afterward.

This business is ideal for new GTA Online players or those low on savings because after starting their first lockup, more can be unlocked for lesser and lesser, providing you with steady capital to start more businesses.

4) Meth Lab


Before revealing the high setup cost, players should know that even without upgrades, a Meth Lab can generate nearly $20,000 every hour. The $910,000 price tag is still a sore spot, as it would take the business two days to earn back the initial cost of itself.

That being said, it is a bit easier to maintain than a Coke Lockup while still netting GTA Online players a comparable amount, and with upgrades can even generate more than $50,000/hour.

5) The Nightclub


If the maximum possible passive income is your target, then it doesn't get much better than the Nightclub. Netting almost a quarter of a million dollars a day in passive income makes it the most lucrative business in GTA Online, in terms of passive income, with the caveat of also being the hardest to set up.

Players should already have an organic supplies business, a cargo network, a forgery, and bunkers to set up the same, but if players are willing to grind their way to set it up, it will pay for itself many times over every week.

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