Top 5 Martin Madrazo contact missions in GTA Online (2x bonuses)

This week's GTA Online update brings with it a lot of amazing offers (Images via Sportskeeda)
This week's GTA Online update brings with it a lot of amazing offers (Images via Sportskeeda)

Another new week and a different new weekly update has been released for GTA Online, and this week, fans' responses have been more in the positive direction. It might be due to the double, triple, and quadruple cash and RP on three of the most popular missions in GTA Online.

This article will focus on Martin Madrazo's contact tasks, all providing double rewards. Madrazo assigns some of the most well-liked missions in the game, so it is really fun for players who have replayed his missions before.

For new players, this is the best time to start doing his missions and earn a ton of cash and RP this week, as Madrazo's missions are known for their fruitful rewards, and this week cannot get any better.

However, if players are having trouble deciding which mission they should spend their valuable time on, this article will list five of the best Martin Madrazo missions to play this week.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Best Martin Madrazo missions in GTA Online for players this week

5) Extradition


In this mission, players with their crew must travel to Fort Zancudo to eliminate an informant. When the squad arrives, an aircraft carrying the informant will take off. The plane must be destroyed, and the operation will fail if the plane flees.

After the Titanic is destroyed, the squad will receive word from Madrazo that the informant has already spoken with the District Attorney and that the DA must be apprehended before he reaches the Davis Sheriff's Station. He'll be driving a black car violently from Route 68 to the Great Ocean Highway. The mission will fail if the DA arrives at the police station.

After the DA is slain, his briefcase must be recovered. Any desired level must then be avoided before gamers may transport it to Madrazo's dwelling. This will complete the mission.

4) On the List


Madrazo has a list of five people he wants GTA Online players to kill for him. When the mission begins, players will spawn near the Kortz Center and be handed two Jackals or a Bati 801. Only four will emerge on the map at the start of the task, and the squad will have ten real-time minutes to kill them in whatever order they want. Gamers can start this mission either solo or with a maximum of four players.

After the first four assassination targets have been eliminated, Madrazo will SMS players the location of the fifth and final assassination target. Players have five real-time minutes from the time the final target was killed to complete the mission.

The task is complete after this target is slain. The fifth target will spawn at the start of the operation and could be killed at any point. But the target must be left until the conclusion, otherwise the task will fail after the last of the initial four are killed.

3) Judging the Jury


This GTA Online mission will begin with Madrazo telling players to eliminate eight jurors around Los Santos. They are all in separate locations and are all unarmed. After players kill all of the jurors, Madrazo will notify each of them that officers are on their way to safeguard the four remaining jurors.

Players will then have a four-minute time constraint. The LSPD will defend those four remaining jurors, and murdering any one of them would earn them a three-star wanted level. After all the jurors have been killed, players must lose their wanted level and travel to Madrazo's mansion.

2) Trash Talk


This mission is available to six players and can also be done solo. It is the final GTA Online mission that Madrazo gives to players. In this mission, players must destroy four garbage trucks from a competing crew scattered across the city.

After destroying all the garbage trucks, players must proceed to the competitor crew operating via some abandoned warehouses in El Burro Heights. Five parked trucks should be destroyed, and the trucks will be guarded by six strongly armed opponents. After destroying all the vehicles, the squad must kill the surviving members and another bunch of Grangers.

After destroying all vehicles and killing all gang members, GTA Online players must track down the crew chief, who will be fleeing on foot. The crew boss is unarmed, and his death completes the mission.

1) Rooftop Rumble


This is arguably the best mission Madrazo gives to players in GTA Online and can be done with a maximum of four players. In this mission, players must go to the parking lot, where a trigger point is located on the south side near Adam's Apple Boulevard entrance. There are many Fugitives parked, along with two FIB Grangers, a Gauntlet, and an Emperor.

Three of the building's four entry points are obstructed by parked cars. The target documents are being handed over by eight professionals and five FIB operatives armed with assault rifles. Players just need to steal those documents and deliver them to Madrazo.

This is also the most infamous mission in GTA Online as when it was first released it was constantly exploited by players due to how easy it was and the large payout players could get out of it. To prevent this from happening further on, this mission has been patched multiple times.

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