Top 5 off-road cars in GTA Online in 2022

Off-road vehicles are really useful in GTA Online (Images via Sportskeeda)
Off-road vehicles are really useful in GTA Online (Images via Sportskeeda)
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Arunabha Shome

GTA Online has a multitude of terrains that players can travel and explore and to aid them in their exploration, the game also provides them with a lot of options regarding which vehicles they can take with them.

Many of these regions are pretty difficult to traverse, especially when players are going to an off-road area. Because of this, their choice of vehicle is very important if they want their journey to be fast and smooth.

But with the overwhelming amount of vehicles in GTA Online, it gets really hard for the players to decide which one is the best for them. To help them with their search, this article will recommend to those GTA Online players five of the best off-road vehicles that they can buy in GTA Online.

Five best off-road cars in GTA Online

5) BF Ramp Buggy


BF Ramp Buggy is a unique ramp automobile included in the Import/Export update for GTA Online. The Ramp Buggy looks to be a substantially altered Dune Buggy based on its name and style, resembling and serving the same purpose as the Flip Car from Fast and Furious 6.

The vehicle features an expanded chassis with a stronger cage and body panels, with a wedge-shaped front end that is designed to fit under automobiles. The vehicle's sides appear to be thinner, with additional frames and panels for the rear wheels, while the interior is strengthened with different front and roof-mounted structures.

The Ramp Buggy behaves differently from its off-road counterpart, since it has a low ride height to facilitate sliding under automobiles more easily, and the strengthened chassis looks to survive impacts better. Players can get this car for a whopping $3,192,000 from Warstock Cache and Carry.

4) Vapid Desert Raid


The Vapid Desert Raid is an off-road trophy vehicle included in the Cunning Stunts update for GTA Online. The Desert Raid has a hefty, yet aerodynamic body, with a very thin front end and no visible indications of a front bumper, yet there is still a manufacturer emblem on the hood, as well as two rectangular headlights.

The car performs similarly to its trophy counterpart, with outstanding suspension as a standout feature, as well as strong acceleration. The truck's all-wheel-drive system, as well as the off-road tires it wears, provide excellent traction.

The truck's huge shock absorbers and higher suspension enable it to have a lot of leeway when landing from jumps without causing harm to the vehicle, giving it greater potential than comparable off-road vehicles with raised suspension. Players can buy this car for $695,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

3) Canis Kamacho


The Canis Kamacho is an off-road utility truck introduced in GTA Online's The Doomsday Heist update. It is distinguished by its front end, which has a slanted form on the upper side that contains the black grille, the "CANIS" writing embossed in the middle and the outer borders house the round headlights.

The Kamacho is a capable off-roader with strong torque and ground clearance, giving it tremendous off-road prowess. It can handle even the most difficult terrain, thanks to its 50/50 torque distribution, which gives it an edge over uneven terrain. The durability is decent, and with the addition of bullbars, it may be even better.

Compared to cars like the Riata and the Dubsta 6x6, the Kamacho boasts excellent peak speed and acceleration, as well as strong handling with no symptoms of fishtailing. Due to its weight and length, it has a very hefty steering system, yet it can still handle curves with ease. Southern San Andreas Super Autos is selling this vehicle for $345,000 to the players.

2) Maxwell Vagrant


Maxwell Vagrant is an off-road buggy included in The Diamond Casino Heist update for Grand Theft Auto Online. The Vagrant is a strong contender in its class, with quick acceleration and max speed. The vehicle's top speed is among the highest in its class, allowing it to compete with other fast off-road vehicles like the Sanchez.

The vehicle's handling is responsive, allowing it to make fast bends and its traction is also excellent, allowing it to stay on the ground. The braking system works well, and it only takes a short distance to come to a complete stop.

It has exceptional off-road capabilities, similar to Vagrant's design. The suspension enables it to easily navigate tiny pebbles and uneven terrain, making it ideal for off-road racing. It can easily climb practically any incline thanks to its strong motor.

1) Bravado Sasquatch


Apocalypse Bravado Sasquatch is a custom monster truck that debuted as part of the Arena War update in GTA Online. The bodywork of the vehicle is primarily inspired by the 1940 Dodge W-Series pickup truck series, as well as the modified W-Series.

The Sasquatch is quite similar to the Liberator and Marshall in terms of performance, but it has a greater peak speed and faster acceleration, reaching 60 miles per hour in only a few seconds.

For a vehicle of this size, braking is also excellent, needing only a few seconds to come to a complete stop. Both "Jump" and "Shunt" modifications can be installed in the vehicle.

When players use the jump feature,, the vehicle will be thrown into the air after it has been engaged. It may also be installed with Boost upgrades. This may be used to greatly increase the vehicle's speed and can be used several times while traveling. Players can get this vehicle for $1,530,875 from Arena Workshop.

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