Top 5 mods for GTA RP in 2023 that are worth checking out

A screenshot from the Lively World GTA 5 mod (Image via GTA5-Mods)
A screenshot from the Lively World GTA 5 mod (Image via GTA5-Mods)

GTA RP is one of the most played games in 2023. It is a modded Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer gameplay developed, run, and maintained by third-party developers. There are plenty of servers through which players can enjoy the roleplaying aspect. However, a few servers also allow players to use other mods to improve the gameplay experience. As is customary, they must comply with the rules of the server.

While the roleplaying aspect is already more exciting than the official multiplayer game, the RP mods are the cherry on the icing. From improving the overall in-game environment to adding new money-making opportunities, the mods have them all. This article lists the top five GTA 5 RP mods players must try in 2023.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

Top 5 mods to improve the GTA 5 RP experience in 2023



The LSPDFR is one of the most popular mods for GTA 5 RP gameplay. It stands for Los Santos Police Department First Response and allows players to act as cops. While Grand Theft Auto 5 is a crime-based game, the LSPD officers must find and comprehend all criminals on the servers.

Players can engage in high-speed pursuits, gunfights, and many other ways to hunt down criminals. The mod also allows you to let go of offenders without any charges for their crimes or apprehend innocent people to reflect your corrupt side. Currently, the LSPDFR version 0.4.9 is available for free download.

4) Gang and Turf Mod


While GTA 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online lack the proper gang territory implementation like in GTA San Andreas, the Gang and Turf Mod allows players to enjoy the gameplay. The mod adds several territories to the map and lets players take over and defend them.

You can maintain a gang and use the members to fight against the enemy. The more area you acquire, the more money you can make from them in GTA 5 RP. It is one of the best sources of passive income in the game, and Story Mode players can also use the mod with all three protagonists.

3) LS Life mod


The LS Life mod allows players to operate as drug dealers in GTA 5 RP. Players can sell drugs and earn money and respect from the trade. As is customary, the illicit business is frequently challenged by in-game external factors such as rival gangs, cops, and other dealers.

According to the developer mcal9909, players can get a stash vehicle and store drugs, guns, ammo, money, and other illegal items. The drug trade is usually done by carrying a bag that makes the character’s movement slower than usual. Many Grand Theft Auto 6 fans look forward to similar gameplay in the upcoming title.

2) Grand Theft Space


While Rockstar Games never included space in any of the games, modder GTS Devs allows RP players to experience the in-game outer space by using the Grand Theft Space mod. This ambitious project adds a working space shuttle using which players can explore 11 planets, three moons, and many other extra-terrestrial things.

The GTA 5 mod can be downloaded from the Grand Theft Space website (!/downloadsPage). The gameplay experience is literally out of the world, and every player must try it in 2023. However, players must use the .NET framework to use this mod.

1) Lively World


Grand Theft Auto 5’s open world is already lively enough, and many GTA RP servers add unique elements to it. However, players can use the Lively World mod that adds more open-world and realistic elements to the map. Developer Eddlm added more attention to detail in the game, which improves the overall experience.

Players can find random events such as gang drivebys, racers, carjackers, drug deals, campings, store robberies, police raids, and many other lively elements. It makes the game atmosphere more vibrant and free-roam exploration more exciting.

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