Which GTA 5 beta features should’ve been in the game?

Michael and Trevor aren't clowning around with GTA 5 beta content (Image via Sliderv2, GTA5-Mods)
Michael and Trevor aren't clowning around with GTA 5 beta content (Image via Sliderv2, GTA5-Mods)

Within the development cycle of GTA 5, it had removed several features that should've remained in place.

In all fairness, it's understandable why certain features were left on the cutting room floor. Perhaps the development team didn't have enough time or didn't think it was necessary. However, a few of these features wouldn't have been difficult to implement.

They didn't make or break the game, but they were neat little touches. Think of it like a ribbon over a birthday present. It's not necessary for GTA 5, but it does make it a bit better. Since Rockstar Games leaves behind its beta content within the in-game files, it's easy to figure out the company's initial plans.

GTA 5 beta features that should've been added in the final game


Keep in mind - the term "features" can mean anything from sound effects to mission strands. GTA 5 had several in development, but ultimately did not make the cut. For all intents and purposes, this article will only cover features that were feasible for the final product.

Smaller features (weapon parts, dancing, sound effects)


GTA 5 was intended to have a few more weapon parts. The most prominent is the laser sight attachment. It can be seen in the original screenshots for the game, specifically with the Police Mavericks in pursuit. The laser sight would've greatly increased a player's accuracy as they lined up their shots.

There was also supposed to be a grip for the RPGs. It's meant to improve target precision within a mid-range to long-range distance. The grip handle would benefit those in first-person view, since it decreases the distracting viewkick.

On a less violent note, there was supposed to be a dancing minigame similar to GTA San Andreas. It can be found in the game files, but was removed prior to its release.

GTA 5 players would've loved to see Trevor pull off a few dance moves in a nightclub somewhere.


Speaking of music, Rockstar Games also had plans for unique sound effects. Originally, each of the three main protagonists had individual tunes for mission completion. These can be found in the in-game files.

Their respective themes correspond with their personality. Franklin had a kicking beat, Michael had a mysterious synthwave effect, and Trevor had a guitar riff.

The final release uses a sharp clanking sound when finishing missions. It's unknown why the original themes were removed. While it's understandable that developers cannot include every idea, this one wouldn't require much effort. These specific themes suited the player characters.

Cut missions


GTA 5 had a bunch of Strangers and Freaks missions that were missing in the final game. There isn't much to write home about. Michael wearing high-end clothes isn't the most exciting mission (Magenta), nor is Franklin taking pictures of women (Dale). However, there is one that stands out.

The most interesting one is the mission strands for Mrs. A and Mrs. B. These were a series of chaotic events where the players would pit two rival neighbors against each other. Although it was intended for Franklin, most argue Trevor would be the more sensible choice.

More than a few GTA 5 players consider it disappointing not to have these missions. It harkens back to the old days where players would cause trouble just for the sake of doing so.

Removed heists


Leftover data in the game files suggest GTA 5 had another heist in mind - the Sharmoota Job. It's an over-the-top mission where Michael and Trevor dress up in ridiculous costumes. They were supposed to rob Martin Madrazzo's mansion, but not after kidnapping his wife and his prized horse.

Trevor even has amusing dialog that can be found in-game. It's a shame this heist was removed, since it captures the spirit of GTA San Andreas. Michael and Trevor are a good comedy duo, so this mission would've been played for laughs. GTA 5 players will also be directly responsible for their exile afterward.

Instead, Patricia Madrazzo was kidnapped off-screen. While it makes for a funny moment, it would've been more rewarding to do it in a daring heist. The Sharmoota Job would've been a classic one to remember.

A note about licensed music


According to the in-game files, Rockstar Games intended to add several more songs to GTA 5. Over a hundred were cut from the final release, including a radio station for 90's rock (Pre-Millenium Radio).

While it would've been nice to hear these songs in GTA 5, Rockstar Games isn't fully at fault here. Licensing issues are a major problem within the video game industry, especially for re-releases. It's likely that the company wasn't able to work out any legal issues before the release of GTA 5.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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