Why GTA Online players should get the Coil Cyclone at the Podium Lucky Wheel

A brief about Coil Cyclone available as the Prize Ride in GTA Online this week (Image via Rockstar Games)
A brief about Coil Cyclone available as the podium vehicle in GTA Online this week (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online's new weekly update allows players to once again grab a new set of wheels by trying their luck at the Lucky Wheel.

This week, one can get a brand-new Coil Cyclone as a Podium vehicle by visiting the Diamond & Casino Resort and spinning the Lucky Wheel. It is a two-seater electric hypercar featured in GTA Online since the release of the Smuggler’s Run update in 2017.

However, with so many vehicles already available, one could wonder if this one is worth purchasing in 2022. With that being said, this article gives a brief about the Coil Cyclone in GTA Online that players should know about.

Everything to know about Coil Cyclone in GTA Online – Price, performance, and more


Coil Cyclone, released in GTA Online during the Cyclone Week event, is a civilian hypercar that has taken inspiration for its design from the following real-life cars:

  • Rimac Concept One – Overall design
  • Koenigsegg Agera – Rear fascia
  • Rimac Concept S (After customization)

The vehicle has a sleek and modern look to its visual appearance, making it stand out from the rest of the hypercars available in the game. Its outer body consists of the following distinguished parts:

Front body

  • Large intake with carbon fiber trim around the bumper
  • Large carbon-fiber housing with circular inner lamps and outer LED strips
  • Curved bonnet area bearing Coil emblem

Side body

  • Inset sections through the doors
  • Pronounced wheel arches
  • Plastic trim around the windows
  • Carbon-fiber mirror shells
  • Small rear-quarter windows
  • Large sloped window over the battery

Rear side

  • Dual set of square tail lamps
  • Small light strips
  • Carbon-fiber details all around it
  • A license plate mounted over the central vents
  • Triangle-shaped exhaust
  • Twin carbon-fiber diffusers
  • Exposed axle areas

The vehicle’s interior design is quite similar to the one found in Specter Custom and Specter due to its small dial cluster as well as the curved dashboard. A Coil emblem can be seen on the steering wheel as well.

When it comes to performance, the Coil Cyclone is powered by a large battery placed on its back with a single-speed transmission. The engine produces little to no sound while turned on, and can only be heard slightly after turning the radio off.

It is usually available for purchase from the Legendary Motorsport website for a price of $1,890,000 in-game.

Why should players get the Coil Cyclone in 2022?


The Coil Cyclone is considered to be one of the fastest electric vehicles in GTA Online, mainly praised for its excellent acceleration. With the fastest wheel-powered acceleration in the entire game, it can go from 0-60 mph in just two seconds or less on a full performance upgrade. It can also reach a staggering top speed of 116.25 mph (187.09 km/h).

The vehicle’s all-wheel drivetrain creates extreme amounts of torque, resulting in high-speed understeer and low-speed oversteer. The only downside is that it has low traction while taking corners.

Its acceleration is so fast that players have to manage it accordingly to avoid hitting obstacles on the path. They can use the vehicle as a getaway in the game and quickly escape from the eyes of the enemies if managed correctly.

While Coil Cyclone is a decent purchase at its full price cost in GTA Online, it is worth getting as a Podium vehicle for free this week. Players can add the car to their collection and wreak havoc on the streets of Blaine County and Los Santos.

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