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Minecraft Cave Update

Caves & Cliffs is an update set to release in the summer of 2021. Part of this update is a new biome called Lush caves, which will bring the natural flora into caves. Furthermore, a new mob called Warden, which uses sound to detect players due to being blind, will be added to the game. There are at least 31 new blocks, 12 new items, 4 new mobs that have been confirmed to release.

This update focuses on cave generation and makes exploring the underground crevasses much more exciting.


Lush caves are a new biome that brings some of the natural flora of the overworld down into caves. There are some new grassy blocks and entities to go along with these new biomes and can make living and exploring underground feel much less dreary.

Minecraft Lush Caves

There’s a new mob coming to the game called the Warden. This giant mob is blind and uses sounds to detect the player. It only spawns in the new deep dark biomes and together with the new sculk sensor block can make for an eerie experience.

Mobs in Minecraft Caves

This lumbering giant uses the growths found on its head to track players through sounds and vibrations. It is one of the most dangerous mobs to date and seems to be able to kill a player wearing full netherite armor in just two hits.

There was a community vote to add a new mob similar to how the Phantom mob was introduced into the game. This update’s contestants involved the moobloom, the glow squid, and the iceologer. The results came back and the glow squid is going to be the new mob introduced into the game.

New Added Features:

There are many new features coming to Minecraft with the Caves & Cliffs update. There are at least a confirmed 31 new blocks, 12 new items, 4 new mobs, and much more.


-Amethyst Buds and Amethyst Clusters are coming to the game. They grow naturally on the side of budding amethyst blocks and can be used as a light source.

-Block of Amethyst can be made with four amethyst shards and only generates in amethyst geode structures.

-Budding Amethyst will generate in these geodes as well and they can grow Amethyst buds.

-Calcite blocks can spawn between blocks of amethyst and are visually similar to diorite.

-Azalea trees can be found growing in lush caves and have leaf variants with no blossoms or pink blossoms. With Azalea trees come Rooted Dirt, which looks like a dirt block but with the roots of the Azalea tree intertwined.

-Big Dripleaf is a new plant that the player can use to platform on top of. It has a unique characteristic where if the player stands on top for more than two seconds, the player falls through the plant.

-Small Dropleaf is coming as well which has many variants.

-Spore Blossoms are a new type of flower that can be placed on ceilings.

-Cave Vines can grow in the new cave biomes and provide a light source while also growing edible glow berries.

-Glow Lichen will also spawn in caves and provide light. They look similar to vines and act as a decorative block.

-Moss Blocks and Moss Carpets are also a new addition to the caves. The blocks look like grass blocks, but with the grassy texture on all four sides and the carpet looks similar to the moss blocks but just in carpet form.

-Pointed Dripstone which comes in two forms, stalactites and stalagmites.

-Candles are a new type of light block that can be placed in cakes to make a candle cake. There will be uncolored candles as well as candles for every color variant.

-Glow Signs. With the introduction of the glow squid you can also make glow signs which applies a glowing effect to signs.

-Tinted Glass, a new type of glass block that does not allow light to pass through.

-Copper blocks, ingots, stairs, and slabs are also coming to the game. It is a new mineral coming to Minecraft that is better than stone but below iron.You can mine Copper Ore to smelt into Copper Ingots.

-Sculk Sensors which generate in the new deep dark cave biome can be used for wireless redstone pulses. Identifies sounds and vibrations, you can make a redstone clock with a sculk sensor and a piston.

-Tuff is a new block that spawns on the outsides of amethyst geodes to notify players when they have stumbled across the outside of the geode.

-Lightning rods have been added that can help redirect lightning from your fire vulnerable builds and farms.


-Amethyst Shards which drop from amethyst crystals. They are used to craft the new spyglass and tinted glass.

-Bucket of Axolotl. Similar to how you can catch tropical fish with a bucket you can do the same with the new axolotl.

-Bundles are a new inventory management item. They will hold one cumulative stack of many different item types. From what it seems, the bundle can hold an entire inventory of the same item that stacks up to 64. This means that with one inventory slot dedicated to the bundle you can potentially hold two inventories of stacks of cobblestone or any other item that stacks to 64.

-Copper Ingots are made from smelting copper ore and can be used to craft copper blocks, lightning rods, and spyglass.

-Glow Berries are a new food item that can be useful in cave systems as you can stumble across food or use them as light sources.

-Glow Ink Sac drops from the new Glow Squid and can be used to make Glow Item Frames.

-Goat Horns are a drop from the new Goat mob, you can use this horn to make the raid horn sound effect.

-Powder Snow Bucket is a new item to account for powder snow. This is how you can move powder snow and fill up cauldrons.

-Spawn eggs to account for the new mobs are also being added to the creative inventory.

-Spyglass are crafted from amethyst shards and copper ingots, these allow the player to see far away through a small square.


-Axolotls are coming to Minecraft, these are based on the real life salamander. There are five color variants these mobs can spawn in. They play dead when they take damage and gain Regeneration. They can be used to attack fish and squid.

-Glow Squids which originated from Minecraft Earth won the mob vote. They will spawn in deep oceans and can drop glow ink sacs to make glow item frames.

-Goats spawn in mountain biomes, can jump about five blocks total, take reduced fall damage and can drop one goat horn when they ram into a block.

-Warden spawns in the deep dark biome. This is an incredibly difficult mob to face and utilizes the new vibration mechanic in Caves & Cliffs. It is fully blind and uses echolocation to locate the player or become distracted by other vibrations. The growths on its head rattle when it detects movement similar to the new sculk sensors.

Non-Mob Entities

-Glow Item Frames are a variant of item frames that emit a glow similar to the new glow squid.

World Generation

-Amethyst Geodes will now spawn underground. They contain five of the new blocks and are fairly small, but can be exciting to run into.


-Dripstone Caves are a new biome that will generate among cave systems. These are large cave systems that are much grander than the regular cave systems that were generated. These biomes are not replacing old cave generation and simply supplement the cave systems generation that already exists.

-Lush Caves will generate below azalea trees. Contains many of the new blocks such as glow berries, dripleaf plants, spore blossoms, moss blocks, moss blankets, azalea roots, and azalea saplings. This biome is where axolotls can be found.

-Mesh caves generates as a large tunnel-like cave.


-Vibrations are a new mechanic coming with Caves & Cliffs. Any action can cause vibrations in the air which can be picked up by sculk sensors and wardens. Can be caused by player/mob movement, blocks being placed or broken, containers opening, projectiles firing, blocks moving, and blocks activating. Rain and snow do not cause vibrations.


The Caves & Cliffs update marks the fifteenth themed update that Mojang has released.

Goats were first announced at Minecon 2019, the Caves & Cliffs update promises to release this mob teased a year and a half ago.


Q. Did Minecraft add Axolotls?

In the new Caves & Cliffs update axolotls are planned to be released. Once the update comes out in Summer 2021 we will see this new amphibian mob added to the game.

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