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How to Teleport in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are so many different ways of transportation. One way is, of course, walking and sprinting. Another way to get around in your game, without the risk of losing hunger, is with minecarts but that takes up so many resources to get around. A great addon to Minecraft was when they added Endermen. With this addon, they also added a new form of transportation. This form of transportation is called teleportation. In this guide, you will learn how to teleport in Minecraft.

Required Materials Needed to Teleport in Minecraft

- Ender Pearl

How to Teleport in Minecraft


It is really easy to teleport in Minecraft. The only thing you need to teleport in Minecraft is an ender pearl. To get an ender pearl, all you have to do is find an enderman. Endermen are classified as neutral mobs. This means that they will not attack you unless they are provoked. To provoke an enderman you have to do one of two things. The first is to simply attack it first. This can be hitting it with anything but a ranged attack will just make it teleport. The second way is to look them in the eyes. If an enderman is looked in the eyes, it will attack you on sight. An enderman can be provoked with eye contact from up to 64 blocks away. Endermen will also teleport away if they come into contact with water. Water will also damage them. Killing an Enderman will have the chance to drop an ender pearl.

An easy way to kill an enderman is by creating a room that is two blocks tall. Endermen are only three blocks tall, so if you stand in a two-block tall room, they won’t be able to enter. This will make it easier because they won’t be able to hurt you. This makes it easier to kill an enderman as well.

Now that you have killed an enderman, it will drop the ender pearl. All you have to do is equip the ender pearl and right-click with it in your hand. This will throw the ender pearl. Once the ender pearl hits a block or an entity, it will teleport you to the hit object. As long as you have ender pearls, you can teleport as much as you want. Just remember that every time you teleport, you will take damage.



Now that you have successfully learned to teleport, you should make an enderman farm. This will ensure that you never run out of ender pearls in your world. Keeping enough food in your inventory might be a good idea so that you can keep your hunger up in your Minecraft realm. This will make sure that you can regenerate your hearts. Another way to stay alive when using ender pearls is to have a golden apple in your inventory. To craft one, all you need is an apple and eight golden ingots. This will keep your hearts up and make sure you don’t hit the ground too hard.

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