Where to find name tags in Minecraft?

Image via Minecraft - (Mojang)
Image via Minecraft - (Mojang)

In Minecraft survival mode, name tags could be considered a rarity and perhaps one of the most valuable items to find.

Name tags allow players to permanently assign nicknames to Minecraft mobs. This handy item cannot be crafted in survival mode which can be super frustrating for players when they want to name their pets.

Using name tags is often a fun way to customize the Minecraft world, but players will first have to accumulate these seemingly rare items.

The following is a guide to help Minecraft survival players locate name tags in any given world. Players should note, however, that although these are the only ways to get the item in survival mode, obtaining a name tag via these methods is not always guaranteed due to random generation.

Where to find name tags in Minecraft


Image via Minecraft (Mojang)
Image via Minecraft (Mojang)

The best way to find name tags in Minecraft is through specific types of loot chests, the first of which can be found in a dungeon.

Dungeons are underground structures that house hostile mob spawners and loot chests. While these areas can be awfully scary thanks to the continually spawning monsters, they also tend to store amazing items for players to find. On top of name tags, players might also find music discs or golden apples.


Image via Minecraft (Mojang)
Image via Minecraft (Mojang)

Loot chests in mineshafts have a chance of hiding name tags as well. These underground structures often have lots of chests to find within them.

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Because mineshafts tend to be so common in Minecraft seeds, players might have an easier time searching for name tags in mineshaft loot chests. Mineshafts do often house plenty of mobs, however, so players should still beware while on their name tag hunt.

Woodland mansions

Image via Minecraft (Mojang)
Image via Minecraft (Mojang)

If survival players are up for the challenge, name tags can also be found in the magnificent and mysterious woodland mansion.

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Woodland mansions are the rarest structures to find in typical Minecraft worlds. Only found in dark forest biomes, these massive buildings are full of loot chests with valuable finds, however they are also incredibly difficult to defeat.

Woodland mansions are stacked with deadly pillager-type mobs called vindicators and evokers. It’s not uncommon to run into classic hostile mobs in the dark crevices of the mansion as well. Players may be better off starting their name tag search in other locations unless they are well equipped for battle.

Buried treasure

Image via Minecraft (Mojang)
Image via Minecraft (Mojang)

Unfortunately for Java and Pocket Edition players, this option is only available for the Bedrock version of Minecraft.

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The fourth way to obtain a nametag is in a buried treasure chest. To find this loot chest, players must first locate a shipwreck. In a shipwreck, players can find buried treasure maps which lead them to the aforementioned chest.

This will require some exploration and strong map reading skills. Once players believe they’ve found where X marks the spot, they must dig around that area until they find the loot chest.


Image via Minecraft (Mojang)
Image via Minecraft (Mojang)

If finding loot chests proves to be hard work, players have the option of going down a simpler route.

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Fishing is an awesome way to collect various rare items and gain levels as well. Players can use any body of water to fish up a name tag. It may take many reels of the fishing rod before a name tag is fished up, but overall, this is perhaps the least difficult way to find name tags in Minecraft.

Trading with villagers

Image via Minecraft (Mojang)
Image via Minecraft (Mojang)

The sixth and final way to find name tags in Minecraft is by trading with villagers. However, the only kind of villager that will make a name tag trade is a master-level librarian.

The price for a name tag is a whopping 20 emeralds. If a wealthy enough player is in desperate need of a name tag, this option may be worth the investment.

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