2021 NFL Draft: How many rounds are on day 3 of the draft? Full Draft Order for Day 3

2021 NFL Draft
2021 NFL Draft
Modified 01 May 2021

The football season really kicked back into gear when the 2021 NFL Draft got underway in Cleveland, Ohio on Friday.

Thus far, fans have been treated to quite the spectacle of music, lights, and of course the glorious moments in which teams cast those all-important draft picks.

Fortunately for us all, kicking off at 12 pm EST, there is one more day of the festival to enjoy.

But how many rounds take place on the final day?

How many rounds are there on Day 3 of the 2021 NFL Draft?

Today's action will see all 32 NFL franchise teams seek to bolster their respective rosters by selecting prospects in rounds 4-7. In laymen's terms -- to answer the question -- that's four more rounds of entertainment to get your teeth into.

Teams have five minutes to draft their new rookie from the board, and the entire spectacle is scheduled to last somewhere between four and five hours, depending on how long each franchise spends on the clock.

What is the full draft order for Day 3 of the 2021 NFL Draft (Rounds 4-7)?

There's still plenty to get excited about at the 2021 NFL Draft. Some of the league's biggest stars were late-round picks -- I'm talking about the likes of San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

If you're still not with me, check out my Top 5 7th round draft picks of all time to get yourself sufficiently hyped.

Now that your chest is all pumped up and your shoulders are back, here is a comprehensive list of each team's remaining picks:

NFL Draft Round 4

106. Jacksonville Jaguars

107. New York Jets

108. Atlanta Falcons

109. Carolina Panthers (from Houston Texans)

110. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia)

111. Cincinnati Bengals

112. Detroit Lions

113. Cleveland Browns (from Carolina Panthers)

114. Atlanta Falcons (from Denver Broncos)

115. Dallas Cowboys

116. New York Giants

117. Los Angeles Rams (from San Francisco 49ers)

118. Los Angeles Chargers

119. Minnesota Vikings

120. New England Patriots

121. Los Angeles Rams (from Las Vegas Raiders via Lions)

122. Bengals (from New England Patriots via Arizona and Houston)

123. Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami)

124. Washington Football Team

125. Minnesota Vikings (from Chicago)

126. Tennessee Titans

127. Indianapolis Colts

128. Pittsburgh Steelers

129. Seattle Seahawks

130. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Rams)

131. Baltimore Ravens

132. Cleveland Browns

133. New Orleans Saints

134. Minnesota Vikings (from Buffalo)

135. Tennessee Titans (from Green Bay Packers)

136. Baltimore Ravens (from Kansas City)

137. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

138. Dallas Cowboys

139. Bengals (from New England Patriots)

140. Pittsburgh Steelers

141. Los Angeles Rams

142. Green Bay Packers

143. Jets (from Minnesota Vikings)

144. Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Draft Round 5

145. Jacksonville Jaguars

146. New York Jets

147. Houston Texans

148. Atlanta Falcons

149. Cincinnati Bengals

150. Philadelphia Eagles

151. Bears (from Carolina Panthers)

152. Denver Broncos

153. Detroit Lions

154. New York Jets (from Giants)

155. San Francisco 49ers

156. Dallas Cowboys (from Philadelphia)

157. Minnesota Vikings

158. Carolina Panthers (from Houston Texans via New England)

159. Los Angeles Chargers

160. Arizona Cardinals

161. Buffalo Bills (from Las Vegas)

162. Las Vegas Raiders (from Miami)

163. Washington Football Team

164. Denver Broncos (from Bears via New York Giants)

165. Indianapolis Colts

166. Tennessee Titans

167. Las Vegas Raiders (from Seattle)

168. Minnesota Vikings (from Pittsburgh via Baltimore)

169. Cleveland Browns (from Rams)

170. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Cleveland)

171. Baltimore Ravens

172. San Francisco 49ers (from New Orleans)

173. Green Bay Packers

174. Buffalo Bills

175. Kansas City Chiefs

176. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

177. New England Patriots

178. Green Bay Packers

179. Dallas Cowboys

180. San Francisco 49ers

181. Kansas City Chiefs

182. Atlanta Falcons

183. Atlanta Falcons

184. Baltimore Ravens

NFL Draft Round 6

185. Los Angeles Chargers (from Jacksonville via Tennessee)

186. New York Jets

187. Atlanta Falcons

188. New England Patriots (from Houston)

189. Philadelphia Eagles

190. Cincinnati Bengals

191. Eagles (from Carolina Panthers via Denver)

192. Dallas Cowboys (from Detroit)

193. Carolina Panthers

194. San Francisco 49ers

195. Houston Texans (from Dallas via New England)

196. New York Giants

197. New England Patriots

198. Los Angeles Chargers

199. Minnesota Vikings

200. Las Vegas Raiders

201. New York Giants (from Arizona)

202. Cincinnati Bengals (from Miami via Houston)

203. Houston Texans (from Washington via Las Vegas and Miami)

204. Panthers (from Chicago Bears)

205. Tennessee Titans

206. Indianapolis Colts

207. Kansas City Chiefs (from Pittsburgh via Miami)

208. Chicago Bears (from Seattle via Miami)

209. Los Angeles Rams

210. Baltimore Ravens

211. Cleveland Browns

212. Houston Texans (from New Orleans)

213. Buffalo Bills

214. Green Bay Packers

215. Tennessee Titans (from Kansas City)

216. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Tampa Bay)

217. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

218. New Orleans Saints

219. Broncos (from Atlanta Falcons)

220. Green Bay Packers

221. Chicago Bears

222. Carolina Panthers

223. Arizona Cardinals

224. Philadelphia Eagles

225. Philadelphia Eagles

226. New York Jets

227. Dallas Cowboys

228. Chicago Bears

NFL Draft Round 7

229. New Orleans Saints (from Jacksonville)

230. Raiders (from San Francisco 49ers via Jets)

231. Miami Dolphins (from Houston)

232. Tennessee Titans (from Atlanta via Miami)

233. Houston Texans (from Cincinnati)

234. Philadelphia Eagles

235. Cincinnati Bengals (from Detroit via Seattle)

236. Buffalo Bills (from Carolina)

237. Denver Broncos

238. Dallas Cowboys

239. Denver Broncos (from New York Giants)

240. Philadelphia Eagles (from San Francisco)

241. Los Angeles Chargers

242. New England Patriots

243. Arizona Cardinals

244. Dolphins (from Washington Football Team via Las Vegas)

245. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Miami)

246. Washington Football Team

247. Arizona Cardinals (from Las Vegas through Chicago)

248. Indianapolis Colts

249. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Tennessee)

250. Seattle Seahawks

251. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Pittsburgh)

252. Los Angeles Rams

253. Denver Broncos (from Cleveland)

254. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Baltimore)

255. New Orleans Saints

256. Green Bay Packers

257. Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo)

258. Washington (from Miami Dolphins via Kansas City)

259. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Published 01 May 2021
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