2024 NFL Draft: Top 30 Undrafted free agents

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Sam Hartman went undrafted in 2024 NFL Draft

Even with the NFL Draft concluded, the story isn't over for those players who did not hear their name called. They weren't picked by a team, but they can still sign as undrafted free agents and many of them will go on to find roles with different franchises.

Best UDFA prospects in 2024 NFL Draft

30: Brevyn Spann-Ford, TE, Minnesota

Brevyn Spann-Ford's inconsistency led him to be left out of the overall weak 2024 tight end class, but he could still make an impact due to his flexibility and roughness. He happens to be a target of Jerry Jones and has reportedly signed with the Dallas Cowboys.

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29: Willie Drew, CB, Virginia State

There are a lot of flaws in Willie Drew's game, but he does have good length, speed and ball skills. He could make an impact on the NFL field but remains undrafted as of now.

28: Austin Reed, QB, Western Kentucky

Undrafted quarterbacks almost always find a home, at least through the training camp section of the season. Austin Reed's instincts as a passer give him an outside shot at a backup career with the Chicago Bears.

27: Jalen Coker, WR, Holy Cross

Jalen Coker has the type of athleticism, length, body coordination and ball tracking that give him a chance to make it in the NFL. He's currently signed to the most WR-needy team in the NFL, the Carolina Panthers.

26: Sam Hartman, QB, Notre Dame

Sam Hartman was always a longshot prospect, but the Notre Dame QB has accuracy and intelligence. The Washington Commanders bet on that and signed him.

25: Steele Chambers, LB, Ohio State

Steele Chambers has the athleticism to make it to the NFL level, but his game knowledge and coverage understanding have a ways to go. Nevertheless, the Detroit Lions took a shot on him.

24: Braiden McGregor, Edge, Michigan

Braiden McGregor is a long, fast and explosive edge rusher. He's incredibly raw, but the New York Jets took a shot on him.

23: Johnny Dixon, CB, Penn State


Johnny Dixon has to learn how to cover without committing penalties, but he has the man coverage skills to play well. He is still undrafted as of now.

22: Dillon Johnson, RB, Washington

Dillon Johnson has good burst and plays passing downs well. He has upside that the Tennessee Titans wanted to bet on, especially after losing Derrick Henry.

21: Khalid Duke, Edge, Kansas State

Khalid Duke has the lower body bend and energy to fight off blocks even at the NFL level, so the Titans picked him up after the draft concluded.

20: Mark Perry, S, TCU

Mark Perry is explosive on the field, which allows him to make up ground quickly. The Miami Dolphins signed him to their secondary team after the draft.

19: Dallin Holker, TE, Colorado State

Dallin Holker lacks blocking skills, but he's a smooth pass-catcher who can adjust in the open field easily. He was signed by the New Orleans Saints.

18: Xavier Weaver, WR, Colorado

Colorado WR Xavier Weaver can run routes well and track the ball. Whether he can withstand NFL physicality remains to be seen, but the Arizona Cardinals want to find out.

17: Frank Crum, OT, Wyoming

Frank Crum has to work on technique, but he is stout and has a lot of collegiate experience, so the Denver Broncos decided to pick him up.

16: Javion Cohen, G, Miami


It's a bit of a surprise that Javion Cohen went undrafted, but his potential makes him an enticing prospect for the team that ultimately signs him.

15: Ethan Driskell, OT, Marshall

Ethan Driskell has the physical tools to grow, but development is needed badly. Nevertheless, the Kansas City Chiefs decided to give him a shot.

14: Keith Randolph Jr., DT, Illinois

A solid run-stuffer who lacks explosiveness needed at the NFL level, Keith Randolph Jr. landed with the Bears after the draft.

13: Fabien Lovett Sr., DT, Florida State

Another Kansas City signing, Fabien Lovett, has the power and contact leverage to work at the NFL level someday. He has struggled with consistency but has shown flashes.

12: Cody Schrader, RB, Missouri

One of the most physical running backs in the UDFA class, Cody Schrader, found a home with the San Francisco 49ers and had room to grow.

11: Dwight McGlothern Jr., CB, Arkansas

Dwight McGlothern has a great ability to anticipate on the field, and that could translate to the NFL. As a result, the Minnesota Vikings decided to give him a chance.

10: Eric Watts, Edge, UConn


Eric Watts needs to develop, but he has the size and work ethic to really become impactful at the NFL level, so the team that signs him could find a gem.

9: Kingsley Eguakun, C, Florida

Kingslet Eguakun is a solid blocker when his man is in front and can use his hands well. No team has signed him yet following the draft's conclusion.

8: Curtis Jacobs, LB, Penn State

Curtis Jacobs doesn't have NFL physicality for a linebacker, but it's very probable he lands on the special teams unit right away. The Chiefs are hoping for as much.

7: Gottlieb Ayedze, G, Maryland

Gottlieb Ayedze has plenty of NFL traits to build up, so the Philadelphia Eagles have signed him as a potential replacement for Jason Kelce.

6: Nelson Ceasar III, Edge, Houston

Nelson Ceasar III has a variety of pass-rush moves and works well off of non-power blockers. He signed with the Seattle Seahawks after the draft.

5: Josh Proctor, S, Ohio State

The Jacksonville Jaguars picked up Josh Proctor thanks to his run-defending prowess. He's not great in coverage, however.

4: Leonard Taylor III, DT, Miami

Leonard Taylor III remains undrafted
Leonard Taylor III remains undrafted

Leonard Taylor III is supremely talented, but he doesn't have a lot of NFL-ready tools. He remains undrafted as a result.

3: Gabe Hall, DT, Baylor

Gabe Hall has the size, explosiveness and power to make an impact at the NFL level and the Eagles are expecting as much after signing him.

2: Beau Brade, S, Maryland

Beau Brade is smart and confident on the field, but his overall consistency needs to catch up. The Baltimore Ravens are bringing him on, though.

1: Gabriel Murphy, Edge, UCLA

Gabriel Murphy was an exceptional pass-rusher in college. He doesn't have NFL-level speed or power, but the production was there. Thus, the Minnesota Vikings signed him.

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