3 NFL teams that will definitely look for a new starting QB in 2023 

Some NFL teams look to the future for their next quarterback
Some NFL teams look to the future for their next quarterback

The NFL is currently loaded with quality quarterbacks. Nearly every team in the league has locked down signal-callers who have proven themselves in previous seasons. From young guns like Justin Herbert and Josh Allen, to seasoned veterans such as Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford.

Although Tom Brady had a brief retirement, you can’t count him out for the 2023 season. Brady has a massive deal with FOX, being a broadcaster once his playing career is over. Aaron Rodgers may be hinting at retirement, but the Green Bay Packers seem intent on rolling with Jordan Love when the time finally comes.

It’s Thursday night, and we feel alright 😎

So, which three teams are most likely in the market for a new quarterback in 2023? To answer that question, we have to look at the quality of the current quarterback play.

#1 The Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are taking the Sam Darnold train for one last ride. The team has insisted the former New York Jets starter will be their number one guy for the new season, despite continued murmurs about a possible trade for Baker Mayfield.

Many in the organization believe Darnold hasn’t yet reached his full potential and that’s a big reason why they took a chance on him last year. Unfortunately, his season was brought to an abrupt end early on due to injury and the team didn’t get a clear idea of what he could be.

If Darnold doesn’t deliver the goods this year, the Panthers will be hitting the 2023 NFL Draft to bring in a fresh arm.

The NFL is looking forward to a quarterback rich draft in 2023

#2 The Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks traded their Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson away to the Denver Broncos and received Drew Lock as part of the package. The team was also among those rumored to be interested in a trade for Baker Mayfield early in the offseason, but Pete Carroll has insisted that they will stick with Lock as their starter.

The team may soon discover what made the Broncos go out and seek an upgrade. Next year's crop of talented quarterbacks coming into the NFL Draft will be hard to pass up. This route could have been the team's strategy from the start. After all, why pay Mayfield’s massive money when they can wait a year and get fresh talent on a rookie deal?

#3 The New York Giants

The Giants are giving it another year. Daniel Jones has shown fleeting moments of Eli Manning-type talent and the quarterback is no doubt a decent runner when he’s not tripping himself up. Still, the Giants will have to be licking their chops looking at the group of quarterbacks coming up for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Eli reveals dream Giants lineup 💫📰:

As one of the most storied franchises in the NFL, the New York Giants have been bad for too many years. They will no doubt be ready to upgrade at the position unless Jones has a breakout year and blows everyone away. At this point, it would at least take a good playoff run.

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