3 potential landing spots for QB Josh Rosen after release from San Francisco 49ers

Washington Redskins vs Miami Dolphins
Washington Redskins vs Miami Dolphins

QB Josh Rosen was waived by the San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday, as NFL teams needed to meet the deadline to cut their rosters to 85 players.

It is just another blemish on the 2018 #10 pick's career, as the San Francisco 49ers were his fourth NFL team in four years. On three other occasions, Josh Rosen has had his future at an NFL team ruined by a highly drafted rookie QB: Kyler Murray, Tua Tagovailoa and Trey Lance.

Rosen is now a free-agent QB at the age of 24, and should have at least another run in the NFL in him. He has to be smart this time around, and analyze and decide on his next destination. His mental state has been through the wringer and he's not the same QB on the field he was four years ago.

Josh Rosen is not suited to be an immediate starter on any team right now, and should sit behind a veteran for two or three seasons, gaining more confidence and refining his game. There should be a solid coaching staff that won't change in the blink of an eye.

On that note, here's a look at three potential landing spots for QB Josh Rosen:

#1 Tennessee Titans

QB Ryan Tannehill is 33 and has at least several years left in him as a quality starter. However, there is no confident backup in Logan Woodside and Matt Barkley.

There is a strong offense that is relatively young, and HC Mike Vrabel has proven himself to be a leader of an NFL team. Rosen could sit behind a tested QB and get a crack at starting once Tannehill retires, if he proves himself by then.

#2 Los Angeles Rams

QB Matthew Stafford was traded to LA to end his career with a solid contender. He has been a top-10 QB for most of his career, and is one of the best mentors Josh Rosen could ask for.

HC Sean McVay is an elite coach in the league, and is able to build a sustainable roster each year. Rosen could be QB3, and slowly beat out John Wolford over the next two years. Matthew Stafford might still be the starter in two years, but Rosen could upgrade himself to a viable backup by then.

#3 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been named as a possible spot every time Rosen was rumored to be moved. Outside of these three teams, there are limited options for Josh Rosen that make sense.

There hasn't been a good backup for Ben Roethlisberger since Charlie Batch, but Dwayne Haskins is now making his case. By the time Roethlisberger retires, Rosen could still need some time.

Nevertheless, he could work his way from the practice squad to the active roster and act as the scout QB. HC Mike Tomlin is a great leader and could help Josh Rosen along during this journey.

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