3 other RBs the Buccaneers could have signed instead of Le'Veon Bell ft. Todd Gurley

Todd Gurley of Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Todd Gurley of Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Rit Nanda

When Le'Veon Bell found a new home, our attention turned to running backs like Todd Gurley, who are still free agents and are being overlooked. Le'Veon Bell represents a risk for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in that he was already vetted by another team this season when he signed with the Baltimore Ravens, only for it not to work out.

We acknowledge that it might not be the player's fault, but there were candidates that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could have looked at, other than Le'Veon Bell, who had similar pedigree and output.

Todd Gurley, among other running back options, in place of Le'Veon Bell

#1 - Todd Gurley

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons
Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons

Todd Gurley would have been a great addition to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Having played with the Atlanta Falcons, he would already be familiar with the NFC South division.

Man, with all the dustball RBs getting signed, 27-year-old Todd Gurley can't even get a sniff. 😪Pour one out ...and never throw stones at a RB using whatever leverage they can for a better deal.

His age profile marks him as someone who can still be close to their athletic peak. But even with that, he is one of the most accomplished running backs still available in free agency. Todd Gurley has over 6000 yards rushing, just like Le'Veon Bell, even though he is a couple of years younger. In terms of rushing touchdowns, Todd Gurley is far ahead with 67 in comparison to Le'Veon Bell's 42.

Based on his age, familiarity with the division and his existing record, Todd Gurley might have been a better addition to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

#2 - Alfred Morris

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys
Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys

Another multiple pro-Bowler, much like Todd Gurley and Le'Veon Bell, Alfred Morris could have been a good option for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is older than both of them, but he brings a certain wisdom that may be invaluable in the playoffs.

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Alfred Morris also has more than 6000 yards in rushing and averages 4.3 yards per rush, compared to Todd Gurley's 4.2 and Le'Veon Bell's 4.1. But his rushing touchdowns are lower at 35. Much like Todd Gurley, he also has experience playing in the division with the Atlanta Falcons in 2019.

#3 - Chris Thompson

Washington Redskins v Miami Dolphins
Washington Redskins v Miami Dolphins

Another running back who could have provided more of a receiving threat is Chris Thompson. While on rushing plays, he averages 4.7 yards per rush, his total rushing yards are just above 1000 yards.

But compared to Le'Veon Bell and Alfred Morris, Chris Thompson has 11 receiving touchdowns, whereas they do not even reach double figures. Only Todd Gurley, with 12 receiving touchdowns, surpasses him in this regard.

#Jaguars are signing former #Redskins pass-catching RB Chris Thompson, per @JFowlerESPN. Thompson had over 200 receptions during his 7-year career in Washington.

But unlike Todd Gurley, Chris Thompson was in the practice squads this season with the San Francisco 49ers and the Chicago Bears. That could have meant a player who was more comfortable with hitting the ground running.

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