3 ways CeeDee Lamb can take a superstar leap this season for the Dallas Cowboys

CeeDee Lamb of the Dallas Cowboys
CeeDee Lamb of the Dallas Cowboys
Rit Nanda

Received wisdom dictates that CeeDee Lamb is ready to take over from Amari Cooper at the Dallas Cowboys. However, it ignores the fact that while CeeDee Lamb had a great season last time around, second-season familiarity from opposing defenses is another thing altogether.

Do it once, it's a flash in the pan. Do it twice, you've probably got yourself a winner. So how can CeeDee Lamb take the next big step in his journey with the Dallas Cowboys?

What CeeDee Lamb needs to take a superstar leap

#1 - Get the fundamentals straight

It's easy to forget that CeeDee Lamb is still a year removed from his rookie season. In his maiden season, he was sensational with 74 catches for 935 yards and five touchdowns. But that does not disguise the fact that he still needs to learn more about the fundamentals of playing in the NFL so that he can get better this season instead of last year being an outlier.

The good news is that he himself seems to realize that fact.

#2 - Remember that every game is a new one

While the overall statistics mentioned above made CeeDee Lamb's season a great one, a closer look shows a lack of consistency. In Week 7 of the previous season, he did not gain a single yard for the team. In the closing stretch, he never had more than 100 yards a game. He has to craft a mentality where he is up for every single game. In a cut-throat league like the NFL, a battle-ready mentality is a prerequisite.

#3 - Practice over and over again

In terms of injuries, last season was a nightmare for the Dallas Cowboys. They played with four different quarterbacks, with established starters Dak Prescott and Andy Dalton both missing games. The offensive line was riddled with players succumbing to injuries.

Yet CeeDee Lamb kept up the fine form that helped him break the franchise record for the most slot receiving yards with 877 in total.

That said, it's important to note that playing with the same quarterback under center often makes it easier for the defense to figure out the plays.

The different routes a wide receiver runs are important in terms of giving the quarterback multiple plays to call. This is something CeeDee Lamb needs to establish in reps with Dak Prescott. With Prescott not in full training of late, he will need to establish an understanding quickly before the regular season rolls round.

Edited by Colin D'Cunha
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