5 NFL players who could be among league’s highest-paid stars in the next five years feat. CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson and more

Projecting highest-paid NFL players
Projecting highest-paid NFL players

NFL player salaries have gone up significantly in recent years, especially for the superstars. It seems like every year new records are set in terms of contract values. In just the past two years, the top eight quarterback contracts of all time were handed out, making the position easily the highest-paid in the NFL by a wide margin.

The way the contract cycle has worked out, each offseason has seen new standards set when it comes time to lock the next superstar into a long-term deal when it's their time for an extension. Specifically when it comes to quarterbacks who have been increasing their contract values at an insanely rapid pace, here are five players who could break the bank in the next five years.

NFL QBs who could soon join highest-paid players list

Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott

#1 - Dak Prescott

The last time Dak Prescott sigend a contract with the Dallas Cowboys, he became the first player ever to be worth $40 million in AAV. He is now entering the final year of that deal and is rumored to desire setting a new record again. Joe Burrow is currently the highest-paid NFL player at $55 million in AAV, but some rumors suggest that Prescott wants to be the first to hit $60 million.

#2 - CJ Stroud

Luckily for the Houston Texans, CJ Stroud is entering just the second year of his rookie deal, so he is not yet eligible for a contract extension. He had one of the best rookie seasons by any quarterback ever, including massive statistics and advancing in the NFL Playoffs. If he continues to progress, his eventual contract when the time comes could be record-shattering.

#3 - Trevor Lawrence

It has been an up-and-down journey for Trevor Lawrence during his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars so far. His rookie season was a disaster, but he then advanced in the playoffs in a major bounceback in Year 2. His third season was cut short by injury, though he seemed to have regressed prior to that. He was once thought of as one of the best quarterback prospects in NFL history, so a strong fourth season more like his second year could earn him a huge pay day.

#4 - Anthony Richardson

It's too early to tell exactly what Anthony Richardson is going to turn into with the Indianapolis Colts, but his ceiling is as high as any other player in the league. He profiles much like Lamar Jackson and flashed his electrifying potential during his rookie season before it was cut short by injuries. Jackson recently signed a deal worth $52 million in AAV, so if Richardson lives up tohis potential, he could be on a similar track.

#5 - Patrick Mahomes

It's amazing that Patrick Mahomes signed a 10-year $450 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, but it turns out that they got him at a bargain price. Eight other quarterbacks make at least that much in AAV, and none of them have three Super Bowl rings and two NFL MVP awards.

While he is technically under contract until the 2032 season, he could probably demand to be the highest-paid quarterback at any time and instantly get what he's looking for from the Chiefs, and rightfully so.

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