5 quarterbacks that could replace Ben Roethlisberger

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills

The Pittsburgh Steelers began the season on a high note going 11-0. Afterward, they lost five out of the six games, including the blow out to Cleveland Browns in the wild card round.

The Steelers Super Bowl dreams got crushed by their division rivals after their 48-37 loss. With that loss, the Ben Roethlisberger era may end, as he possibly played his last game as Steelers quarterback.

Roethlisberger has one year left of his contract; however, some questions surround the 38-year-old quarterback: is he going to retire, or will he be traded?

The two time Super Bowl Champion could honor his contract, giving Steelers another year to squeeze out a championship team.

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5 possible replacements for Ben Roethlisberger

#5 Mason Rudolph

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals

Pittsburgh Steelers back-up quarterback Mason Rudolph is a heavy favorite to replace Roethlisberger. He was impressive in the game against the Browns.

In Rudolph's first extended game, he put up over 315 yards for the first time in his career, threw two touchdowns, as he desperately tried to pull the team back after being down 15 points.

#4 Matthew Stafford

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions

Detriot Lions are on the hunt for a new General Manager with plans to rebuild the team.

It would cost the Steelers $41.25 million against the cap in 2021. Stafford has an amendable contract. The Steelers could land Stafford, and it wouldn't be a project for them, considering Strafford was dealt a bad hand with the Lions.

#3 Sam Darnold

Cleveland Browns v New York Jets
Cleveland Browns v New York Jets

The New York Jets quarterback, Sam Darnold, has yet to impress the jets — or New Yorkers — and the Jets have no. 2 overall picks in the draft. They could have their sights set on Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields.

There is potential for the Steelers to grab the 23-year-old; Darnold is young and finishing off his rookie season.

If Roethlisberger stays for another year, Darnold can learn a lot from him; with a new environment and potential to grow, Darnold could be the franchise's new quarterback.

#2 Deshaun Watson

Houston Texans quarterback has made it apparent that he is unhappy with the Texans. The 25-year-old quarterback has even been seen photoshopped in Steelers uniform.

Watson photoshopped in Steelers uniform
Watson photoshopped in Steelers uniform

Watson would be a potentially beneficial move for the Steelers, conceivably making them next season's Super Bowl contenders; he is a phenomenal player that has a strong arm and even feet when he needs to.

However, signing Watson would require Steelers to cap out.

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#1 Kyle Trask

Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic - Oklahoma v Florida
Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic - Oklahoma v Florida

University of Florida's all American quarterback is one of the 2021 NFL draft top recruits. Trask has a completion percentage of 69 with 43 touchdowns and only eight interceptions.

Trask is an excellent passer with and a remarkable ability to lead his wide receivers to the best possible spot to make a play.

The young 22-year-old has enough talent to give a high enough floor to become a safe pick for the Steelers, with a capacity to grow as he absorbs more games.

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