5 Super Bowl pretenders after Week 11 of 2021 NFL season

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills

Week 11 has come and gone. Teams are beginning to showcase that they are playoff material, and could very well be considered Super Bowl contenders. But there are teams that are constantly dropping the ball — quite literally.

Teams like the Bills and the Titans have begun to lose against much lesser teams, and that is not a good look considering both were supposed Super Bowl contenders from the beginning of the season. Winning games makes a world of difference, even to teams that aren't competitive.

Here are five Super Bowl pretenders after Week 11.

Which Super Bowl pretender is the most at risk?

#5 - Buffalo Bills

Something very odd is happening with the Buffalo Bills. They are currently 6-4 and have lost to the Jaguars and got destroyed by the Colts. The Colts have proven themselves to be a competitive team, but for the Bills to lose by 15-41 is absurd. The Bills might be showing some weaknesses, which the real playoff contenders could exploit against them.

The Bills should figure themselves out and stop losing games that should be easy wins, or they could be in danger of missing the playoffs altogether. As it stands right now, they are not looking like Super Bowl contenders, but deep pretenders.

#4 - Dallas Cowboys

Another team that could be Super Bowl pretenders are the Dallas Cowboys. Even though the Cowboys are enjoying a bit more success than the Bills, they also remain in the same boat by getting beat by lesser teams. That was not necessarily true as they lost to the Chiefs, who look to be Super Bowl contenders again.

.@mspears96 on why the Chiefs' defense was so effective against the Cowboys on Sunday 💪"Chris Jones reminded everybody of why he was THAT guy ... He absolutely dominated this game and changed it."

But for such a high-powered offense to be humbled by a defense that isn't exactly at the top is a bit confusing. As it stands right now, the Cowboys could make it to the playoffs, but they will likely fall in the divisional round if they continue to play like they have been.

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Edited by Piyush Bisht
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