"Are we all in agreement that we absolutely DON’T want Baker Mayfield" - NFL fans react to reports linking Baker Mayfield to Lions

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers

Baker Mayfield has been actively looking to find a new team to play for but to no avail thus far. The quarterback floated the idea of wanting to play for the Indianapolis Colts, but the team traded for former Atlanta Falcons star Matt Ryan.

Mayfield has been recently linked with a move to the Seattle Seahawks, but rumors suggest that the quarterback could be heading to Detroit. The Lions have been nearly silent regarding the possibility of him joining their ranks, but fans have plenty of thoughts on this on social media.

Many fans said they were uninterested in this development while a few raised an eyebrow. Here's a taste of the online conversation surrounding the quarterbacks.

Twitter user Tyler Sawa was emphatic in his rejection of the once-upon-a-time Browns savior.

Lions fans, are we all in agreement that we absolutely DON’T want Baker Mayfield as our QB.

Nick Venti said the NFL Draft was a much better option.

@tyler_sawa Why would we settle for another place holder that’s worse than our existing place holder? Draft in a real, young franchise talent to lead all this foundation we’ve been building, let Goff show him the ropes. That’s a big N-O from me good buddy.

The Twitter handle of 3 Point Podcast shared a clip where they said that if the price was cheap enough, it was worth a shot. Even if he doesn't fit into the overarching plan, he would contribute a great deal.

@tyler_sawa Yes and no. Doesn’t seem to make sense with the rebuild but if they could get him for virtually nothing and he’s clearly motivated to prove himself……why not?

Twitter user Just4Sports essentially said that Jared Goff was better than Baker Mayfield.

@tyler_sawa So we now agree Jared Goff isn’t the worst QB in the league. Who else don’t we want? How high is Goff on the list?

Twitter user EasyAsADC said that watching the Lions' backups play made their fans eager to see Goff back in the saddle.

@SportsJust4 @tyler_sawa Lions fans looking at Goff after watching our backups last year…

User Sigurmoz said the final answer is no, in the present context.

@tyler_sawa If we didn't ever acquire Goff and that contract, and Baker was healthy and only took a 3rd to acquire...I would have said yes a year ago. Today, absolutely not.

One fan pointed out that the Lions should not settle for Mayfield. However, they are hoping that the Lions beat the Packers and force Aaron Rodgers to retire.

@tyler_sawa Not even a Lions fan and you don't want that. Goff actually might be more useful where y'all are, which is beating the pants off the Packers and making bAAby Aaron retire. I mean...yeah the other stuff too, but 2022 is the year we make @tomgrossicomedy *cry*.

Another Lions fan said the team should not to force it with the Browns quarterback.

@tyler_sawa Lmao that’s the shit that cracks me up. In what world has Mayfield shown any more promise or talent than Goff? No thanks on Garoppolo too. It sucks to be this bad and no immediate sign of hope, but don’t force something just because of it.

Detroit fan Tyler gave the Browns quarterback a rare backing, giving a scenario where it could work out.

@tyler_sawa I want Baker, a lot of recency bias from him playing injured all year. Either he works or he doesn’t, it’s a contract year so if he sucks you just let him walk and you’re in the same spot as if you just kept Goff. I think he excels playing 10 games in a dome too.

Randy Harding said that the price in terms of draft picks may be interesting but the cap cost is a deal breaker.

@detroitTYLER_ @tyler_sawa Horrible completion percentage, one of the worst on target percentages, and one of the highest bad throw percentages, and that's during his best season. You may be able to get him cheap but he has a fully guaranteed $18.5m cap hit, you good with a $50m cap hit for two qbs?

Baker Mayfield versus Jared Goff

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns
Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns

The Lions are rebuilding, but having the right quarterback could instantly add wins for the franchise. Should the Lions make Jared Goff feel like Baker Mayfield when Deshaun Watson showed up? Of course, in the NFL, production trumps feelings.

In 2021, the Browns quarterback threw for 17 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Meanwhile, Jared Goff threw for 19 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Both quarterbacks missed a significant chunk of the season. However, Goff missed more than half the season. The Browns quarterback missed two full games.


Based on these statistics, Lions fans would be smart to roll with Goff over the Browns quarterback. Additionally, Goff has Super Bowl experience. Mayfield has made the playoffs once in his career. Using conventional logic in this matchup, Goff wins this quarterback comparison.

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