Blake Jarwin injury update: Will the Dallas Cowboys tight end start in Week 1?

Blake Jarwin
Blake Jarwin
Ian Van Roy

Blake Jarwin was looking good for the Dallas Cowboys in the preseason leading up to the 2020 football season. However, Week 1 could not have gone any worse for the tight end. He suffered a non-contact ACL tear in his knee that would knock him out for the rest of the season.

How's Blake Jarwin doing now? Will he start one year after his injury?

Typically, ACL tears can heal in a year. Blake Jarwin appears to be on pace for a full recovery following the one-year mark of the injury. According to CBS Sports, Blake Jarwin was spotted carefully working out as early as December of 2020. At the time, Jarwin looked to be on track for training camp or possibly even OTAs.

With OTAs currently underway, Blake Jarwin appears to be nearing a hundred percent recovery and on track to be a full participant in training camp. He is still restricted to rehab work at the moment but should graduate soon.

Blake Jarwin out, Dalton Schultz in

Jarwin's injury set up an opportunity for Dalton Schultz to take over as the starting tight end last season. Schultz went on to earn 615 yards and four touchdowns in relief of Jarwin. By comparison, Jarwin's 2019 season saw him earn 365 yards and three touchdowns. It appears that when Jarwin returns, he will have some competition for the starting role.

Dallas' plan

Both tight ends are trying to fill the shoes of Jason Witten, the franchise tight end who played for the Dallas Cowboys from 2003 to 2019. He tried to retire to commentate on Monday Night Football for a lukewarm reception, which led him back onto the field with the Cowboys.

Jason Witten
Jason Witten

Jason Witten had four seasons when he earned over 1000 yards. He earned around 1000 yards each season from 2007 to 2012. After that, Witten put up around 700 yards for each of his remaining seasons with the team.

If Dalton Schultz beats out Blake Jarwin for the starting job and puts up a repeat season, the Dallas Cowboys will have found a new franchise tight end on a similar level to an old Jason Witten. If one adds Blake Jarwin's stats to those of Schultz, the Dallas Cowboys will have found a way to replicate the production of Jason Witten's best seasons.


If Schultz and Jarwin combine to be like Jason Witten, Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliot keep their level of play, and CeeDee Lamb has a great second season, the Dallas Cowboys could surprise the NFL with their offense in 2021.

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