"Flores got fired before Joe Judge" - NFL fans left stunned after Dolphins' decision to fire HC Brian Flores

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
Stacey G Mickles

We knew coming into Monday that a lot of NFL coaches would be fired. But what we didn't see coming was one of them being Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores.

NFL fans were taken off guard when they heard the Dolphins head coach was fired.

I don’t understand why the Phins fired Brian Flores??? I thought he was a damn good coach IMO… Anyone else have this take or am I off here?🤔
Brian Flores was fired before Matt Rhule and Joe Judge. The owners of these three franchises deserve all the misery incoming.

He led the Dolphins to a 19-14 record during his time there, and they have won eight out of their last nine games, including two victories this season over the New England Patriots.

The shocker is that the former New England Patriots linebackers coach was fired before New York Giants head coach Joe Judge. Under Judge, the Giants have been terrible and haven't shown any real improvement under his leadership.

Unlike Brian Flores, the Dolphins have shown continuous improvement and were in the running for a playoff spot until their loss last weekend. Joe Judge and the Giants haven't been in contention for the playoffs in years.

It is stunning to see that Flores is out and no one knows why. Rumors are that he was going to make some major changes to his coaching staff but neither him nor the organization could decide who should go.

But even if he made the changes the owners wanted, there was no guarantee that the job would have remained his.

Reasons why Brian Flores was fired

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins

Despite bringing his team back from a 1-7 record and almost making the playoffs, the team still continued to face a lot of issues.

One of them was his offense's (at times) lack of production. Quarterback Tua Tagavailoa has grown and developed this year. However, there were still times when he and this Dolphins offense struggled to put points on the board.

The Dolphins were ranked 25th in total offense in the NFL, which is not good, especially when you have one of the most productive quarterbacks in college football history as your franchise quarterback.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that outside of Tua and rookie wide receiver Jaylen Waddle, there is not a lot of talent on that side of the ball.

But who's to say that the former coach wouldn't have made those changes if he had been given another year at the helm. It is now evident that the Dolphins front office had no desire in bring patient as the team developed.

Who will be the next head coach of this team?

Will it be another defensive guy or will they turn their eyes towards a more offensive minded coach?

We all hope to find out sooner than later.

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