Can Magic Johnson's $6BN move free Lamar Jackson? Why NBA legend may hold key to solving NFL’s biggest stalemate

Could Magic Johnson end the Lamar Jackson saga?
Could Magic Johnson end the Lamar Jackson saga?

Lamar Jackson's first foray into free agency has gone about as poorly as he could have imagined. He's a former MVP, but he hasn't gotten any fair offers and his own team has shown no interest in paying him what he wants or what he's probably worth.

This stalemate has lasted the entire offseason. While players like Jimmy Garoppolo, Derek Carr, Taylor Heinicke and others got signed relatively quickly, Jackson has seen very little interest.


There's no end in sight, either. This stalemate could last a lot longer. But could Magic Johnson hold the key to putting all of this behind everyone? His $6 billion move could make a huge difference.

How Magic Johnson can impact Lamar Jackson's free agency

There are currently two bids on the Washington Commanders, both for $6 billion. The team is only worth $5.6 billion, so both ownership groups are very serious with their offers.

The ownership group led by Mitchell Rales and Josh Harris involves Magic Johnson. The Los Angeles Lakers legend could well add the Commanders to his portfolio.

If he does, it could change the dynamic of the Lamar Jackson saga. Johnson hasn't said anything publicly about it, but the chance for a new owner to add such a talented player to a franchise in need is difficult to pass up.

Could Lamar Jackson follow Magic Johnson?
Could Lamar Jackson follow Magic Johnson?

Johnson also undoubtedly thinks the lack of attention on Jackson is nonsense and could at least be interested in showing interest in the former MVP.

The Commanders have stated that they're going with 2022 NFL Draft pick Sam Howell as their starter and they signed Jacoby Brissett as his backup.

They also cut Carson Wentz and let Taylor Heinicke walk to pave the way for Howell. The coach and GM seem to be behind this move, so Johnson's hands may be tied.


Nevertheless, if and when he becomes the owner of the Commanders, Lamar Jackson's phone could ring. This despite the current salary cap and roster alignment that might make it difficult for him to move on Jackson.

The Snyders could also take a while to sell and since both offers are equal, they could sell to the other group and leave Johnson, Rales and Harris out in the cold.

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