Lamar Jackson vs Anthony Richardson 40-yard dash: Who is the faster QB?

Lamar Jackson vs Anthony Richardson 40-yard dash: Who is the faster QB?
Lamar Jackson vs Anthony Richardson 40-yard dash: Who is the faster QB?

Anthony Richardson has exploded onto the scene as someone who can legitimately be the top pick in the NFL Draft. Already a top quarterback prospect, Richardson's otherworldly Combine cemented him as a real threat to go first off the board.

Part of that insane Combine performance was his 40-time. On the 40-yard dash, the Florida prospect ran a 4.43. That's the fourth-fastest for a quarterback since 2000.

In comparison to another speedy quarterback in Lamar Jackson, Richardson comes up just short. In 2018, Jackson ran a stellar 4.34. However, it was an unofficial time. His time doesn't count because it happened at Lousville's "Speed Day". The quarterback didn't run at the Combine.


Still, Richardson excelled in all aspects of the Combine. He drew comparisons to Cam Newton for his stunning performances in various athletic categories. He can also be compared to Jackson with his blazing speed, too.

He's an athletic nightmare for opposing defenses and he showed that at Florida. Now, there are numbers from the Combine that prove that not many quarterback prospects have ever been like Anthony Richardson.

Anthony Richardson draft profile

Though he has shot up NFL Draft boards since his excellent Combine performance, Anthony Richardson probably won't be the top pick. He had an uphill battle to overtake both CJ Stroud and Bryce Young to be the top pick.

How high can Anthony Richardson go?
How high can Anthony Richardson go?

The Carolina Panthers, who have spent the offseason crafting a well-rounded offense for whoever they draft, are more likely to target a more established prospect.

The Texans might take Richardson, but probably not. The most likely places Richardson could end up are:

  • Indianapolis (4th overall)
  • Detroit (6th overall)
  • Las Vegas (7th overall)
  • Atlanta (8th overall)
  • Tennessee (11th overall)

It's very unlikely he will fall out of the top 15. He's a raw prospect, but the right coach and system could turn him into an elite quarterback. He's not as polished as other QBs in this class, but he does have an incredible athletic ceiling that Stroud, Young and others just can't match.


His draft profile is a mixed bag as a result, plus he only has one year as a college starter. He would be more of a project for any team, which is why a team like Detroit or Tennessee could draft him to sit behind a veteran as the heir apparent.

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