Carson Wentz is officially out of excuses to fail in 2022

Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz
Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz
Steven Kubitza

The NFL news cycle has been so active this offseason that it is easy to forget Carson Wentz is now with the Washington Commanders. The former No. 2 overall pick by the Philadelphia Eagles spent one season with the Indianapolis Colts in 2021, only to get booted out of town after a Week 18 collapse.

But yes, he is now the new well-paid leader of the Commanders. Those paying attention to the news will also have seen the team just signed top receiver Terry McLaurin to a brand new, three-year deal worth just over $70 million.


That move alone stole headlines and puts an obvious reality in place for Wentz, which is the fact he has no excuses to fail in 2022. If he does, his NFL starting career may be over.

Carson Wentz has no room for excuses in Washington

Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz
Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz

It is fair to note that the Commanders are not exactly a powerhouse in the league. However, the signal-caller shows up with plenty of baggage, and this appears to be his last chance.

The main issue with the quarterback is his contract. Philadelphia handed him a four-year, $128 million extension in the summer of 2019. That deal will see him paid just over $28 million this season. He was paid just over $21 million last season with the Colts.

That is serious cash for a player who has not experienced postseason success. As fans recall, it was Nick Foles who led the Eagles to a Super Bowl title while Wentz was injured.


So why would the Commanders take him on this year? A key point to remember is that the quarterback sees his dead cap value drop to $0 in 2023. The same is true for the final year of his contract in 2024. The reality of the situation is that the Commanders rushed to fill a void and took on a one-year rental, who could potentially prove he is worth being kept around in 2023 and beyond.

The new deal for McLaurin also shows the team is doing what it can to ensure Wentz has a shot at succeeding. That is where the idea of this being his final chance comes into play. He has one of the best receivers in football at his disposal and is on a well-coached team led by Ron Rivera. If this doesn't pan out, it's hard to imagine a fourth NFL team taking him on and giving him yet another chance.

Any quarterback once taken at No. 2 overall will continue to be given great opportunities. That is why the Commanders retained McLaurin and didn't dive into any sort of rebuild. Yet if this doesn't pan out, they can cut the quarterback and start over in 2023, while he may be relegated to being a career backup for the remainder of his time in the NFL.

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