How can the Bears make the playoffs? Week 17 clinching scenarios for Chicago

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
How can the Bears make the playoffs? Week 17 clinching scenarios for Chicago

The Chicago Bears are still alive in the playoff race. The team beat the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday and improved to an 8-9 record, which means they still can get the final wild-card spot even with a losing record.

However, to get to the playoffs, a lot of things have to go right. It's unlikely that they'll be able to get to the postseason, but until the season is over, there's still a chance to believe.

Chicago Bears playoff picture: Why Justin Fields and co. need help from the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions

The only scenario where the Bears would qualify for the playoffs involves their direct rivals for the final wild card losing out and the NFC South going down in the race as well. As such, they would get the seventh seed with an 8-9 record.

They need help from a lot of teams. In Week 18, they would count on the Arizona Cardinals to beat the Seattle Seahawks and the Detroit Lions to beat the Minnesota Vikings. This week, they need the Pittsburgh Steelers to beat the Seattle Seahawks, the New York Giants to beat the Los Angeles Rams, and the Green Bay Packers to beat the Minnesota Vikings.

Obviously, the Chicago Bears need to win their two games as well. They play the Atlanta Falcons at home in Week 17 and the Green Bay Packers away from home in Week 18.

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Chicago Bears' playoff chances entering Week 17

The Bears have the smallest chances in the world of making the playoffs. They have a 1% chance, according to the New York Times' playoff calculator. There are only four teams with a lesser chance, but the Washington Commanders, the New York Giants, the Carolina Panthers, and the Arizona Cardinals are all eliminated.

The poor start to the season is hurting the Bears badly at this point in the season, and Justin Fields' injury, which saw Tyson Bagent starting a few games for them, didn't help their cause either. If Fields still wants to play for the Bears in 2024, they can only hope for a miracle at this point.

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