NFL Rumors: Could the LV Raiders make a move for Sean McVay in the offseason?

Could Los Angeles Rams leave for the Las Vegas Raiders?
Could Los Angeles Rams leave for the Las Vegas Raiders?

It's no secret the Las Vegas Raiders will be searching for a new head coach this offseason. Interim head coach Rich Bisaccia is a beloved figure in the Raiders organization.

But he's not the long-term answer at the position.

But what if the Raiders went on a spending spree for a head coach rather than hiring one? Amidst Brian Kelly and Lincoln Riley leaving their colleges for fat paychecks at prestigious universities, could the Raiders follow suit in offering a massive payday?

In this instance, Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay is a name to watch should the Raiders go this route.

NFL Rumors: Could the LV Raiders make a move for Sean McVay in the offseason?

Rumors of the Raiders having an interest in McVay came from Ed Graney. Graney is the lead columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and has been in that role since 2006.

Graney did not have a source saying the Raiders were interested. Instead, Graney came up with a list of head coaches the Raiders could try and pull away from other teams.

Insane Trade Rumor Has The Las Vegas Raiders Acquiring Head Coach Sean McVay… #SmartNews

Graney used the examples of Riley and Kelly in college football for his claim. Riley built Oklahoma into an annual Big 12 title contender and has been connected to potentially leaving for the NFL for years.

Now he's coaching USC, a prestigious school that's been down on their luck. Riley received quite a large sum to become head coach of the Trojans.

Kelly is in the same boat, having left Notre Dame whom he rebuilt into a prestigious program. He will now coach LSU after receiving a bigger paycheck than Notre Dame did not have the chance to counter-offer.

The Raiders could follow college football's example. Trading for coaches hasn't happened in the NFL since the Raiders traded Jon Gruden away in 2002.

Rumors of trades involving the likes of Sean Payton were floated often in the 2010s but never happened.

If the Raiders traded for McVay, he would instantly transform the organization into a better team. Before McVay joined the Rams in 2017, they were a floundering franchise and among the worst teams in the league.

Watch your mouth before talking about Sean McVay.

His 50-25 record speaks for itself. Despite criticism for not winning a Super Bowl yet, McVay has earned his stripes as an elite coach.

Whether Graney's theory has any validity will remain to be seen. The Raiders are currently focused on trying to make the playoffs.

They will worry about their head coaching situation after the season.

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