"Cut Jakeem Grant" - Dolphins fans fume over WR's sub-par showing vs Colts in Week 4

Indianapolis Colts v Miami Dolphins
Indianapolis Colts v Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins attempted to trade wide receiver Jakeem Grant this offseason, but there were no takers. Grant barely gets any action on the Dolphins offense and serves primarily as a return specialist. He played well in 2018 and earned a four-year contract, but he's proven to be an expensive mistake rather than a productive part of the team.

Jakeem Grant isn't netting great returns in 2021 and the fanbase wanted him gone during training camp after a poor showing. Injuries to several wide receivers forced Miami to keep Grant around.

Against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, Jakeem Grant fumbled a punt return and the Colts recovered it inside their own 20. The Dolphins were already down 14-3 at this point in the third quarter. The Colts scored a field goal off the turnover and increased the lead to 17-3. The Dolphins would go on to lose 27-17. Grant finished the game with one catch for -7 yards.

Jakeem Grant recorded his second game with a negative score in fantasy football this season, along with two other scores of zero. He's not valuable in fantasy football or on the field for the Dolphins.

The Miami Dolphins fanbase took to Twitter to question why their team still employs Jakeem Grant. It's a fair argument after Grant has had more negatives than positives over the last few seasons.

Ahhhhh there鈥檚 the Jakeem Grant we all know of.
Jakeem Grant has hurt this team for too long. They tried trading him and no one wanted him. Shame on the front office for letting him continue to do this.
Jakeem Grant should be working at Publix tomorrow but he might fumble and drop my bags.
Jakeem Grant muffs the punt and the Colts are in the red zone, up by 11.
Man, I loathe Jakeem Grant.The fact that people defend him is ridiculous.I鈥檇 rather Miami invests in the growth and development of Kirk Merritt than this Jabroni. #finsup
Wow. Jakeem Grant muffs the punt. IND gets the ball at their own 20. This is hard to watch.

Jakeem Grant contract: How much does the WR make per year?

Jakeem Grant signed a four-year deal in 2019 after a solid season in 2018 on special teams. The deal was worth $19.7 million over four years, but Miami restructured it in 2021, removing the final two years. His current contract is for one year worth $3 million and he is set to become a free agent in 2022.

The Miami Dolphins made several moves in the offseason to add depth at wide receiver. They drafted Jaylen Waddle sixth overall and signed Will Fuller V, which many thought would lead to Grant being released if the team couldn't trade him. They currently have $1.6 million in available cap space and could save $2.7 million by releasing Jakeem Grant.

Unfortunately for Dolphins fans, Jakeem Grant is here to stay for at least a few more weeks. Their depth is light at wide receiver with only five healthy players. Will Fuller V suffered a hand injury against the Colts today and until Fuller and either Preston Williams or Allen Hurns are healthy and back in the lineup, the team is stuck with Jakeem Grant.

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