Do NFL players wear cups? NFL fact-checking

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
Quarterback Eli Manning of the New York Giants looks back after handing the ball off to Tiki Barber

Due to several occurrences that have garnered attention in the NFL with foot-to-groin collisions, injuries to players' sensitive zones have been one of the most entirely unpleasant subjects in the NFL. NFL football players shield their heads, but should they shield probably their most precious item with sporting cups?

NFL players are frequently questioned about whether or not they use cups. Football is a contact sport, with players' hands and legs flying across the field while wearing protective gear and shoulder pads.

As time has passed, an increasing number of football players have chosen not to wear cups. Football players' thighs are naturally large due to the amount of weightlifting they do. When a player wears cups, their inner thighs may experience chafing and irritation.

A cup is not required as an item of equipment in football. It's optional, just like rib guards or knee stockings. Every player is solely responsible for determining whether or not they require a cup; the referee will not check whether or not a player is wearing one before a match.

When the question was put to Eli Manning, he instantly chuckled. He calmed himself and remembered that the only time he had ever seen groin protection in football was when another of his colleagues was in the eighth grade and was sporting a cup. According to Manning, it really was ill at ease.

Players claim that because cups are heavy, they find it difficult to sprint while wearing them. Additionally, as Eli Manning, a former quarterback for the New York Giants, explained to the New York Times:

"It's supposed to be centered," Manning remarked. "So if it moves to the side and you are struck, it will press against you."

What Is a Cup for a Football Player?

A cup-shaped piece of material shields the male reproductive organ. It serves as a type of defense to prevent any harmful direct contact. A cup is used to safeguard the private parts, just like a rubberized headgear covers the head.

Many professional footballers have talked about how it feels constrained to sprint while carrying a cup. However, athletes frequently wear cups while playing youth football since the parents decide the younger players need to cover themselves.

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